Could We Ask for Your Prayers….Again???

Hey everyone! It’s Friday – celebrate! It’s Jen writing…Brad took off today from work and is making yet another Walgreens run. We totally should have bought some stock in them. I unfortunately am fighting yet another infection (most likely my uterus) with fever and the whole bit. It’s hard to not be discouraged after feeling so well the last 2 weeks. Again it’s keeping me from the boys much more than I like and just wearing on Brad and I both. I’m on 2 antibiotics and will be getting an ultrasound next week to see what’s going on, but in the mean time we were shocked with the mention of the possibility of 2 of the boys coming home early to mid of this coming week. (They also may show a stubborn spell and take their time for a few more weeks.) We cannot wait to bring them home and have them with us all the time, but needless to say, it was a little bit surprising. We knew the boys were doing well for 32 weekers, but didn’t realize they were doing this outstanding! The Lord our God is awesome! Would you please pray that I could make more of a recovery before the boys are sent home? We are asking for strength and wisdom as we face a new phase of this awesome adventure. Also, that we would be able to get some things ready and make some serious Target/Babies R Us runs before the hand-off? We continue to be amazed, blessed, and elated by your outpouring of support and generosity. There is no adequate way of thanking each of you here on earth.

Also, I’d like to say a Happy late Bday to my sweet man. (Feb. 21st) I know that his celebration kinda got lost in the craziness of me being sick and the boys. It would take me days to try and describe his goodness to me. What an example he has been of “how to love your wife as Christ loves the church”! He truly has completely given up himself to care for the boys and I. It’s so exciting to see him already as an amazing father. These boys are blessed through God’s grace.

In addition it’s my parent’s 50th anniversary today. WOW!!!! They have truly shown us their love for us through this journey and we are so thankful for their life example. Congratulations Ed and Janet! I’m sorry that we can’t be there to throw a big bash for you today. We have the whole year to celebrate, right?

Again, thank you for your prayers and continued care for our big family.

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