Miracles and the Media…

Family and Friends,

Just a quick update, then we are off to the NICU/ Press room. Channel 8 and the Indy Star are coming out tonight to do a story on the miraculous work that God has done in this pregnancy. Would you pray with us that God would be glorified through this story? We will update you when we find out when these stories will show up in the media. We do already know that our story will show up Wednesday in the West Side edition of the Indy Star. Channel 8 is still unsure about when they will air our story.

Also, Henry and Brooks continue to thrive, while Clark and Isaac have made miraculous improvements! We now have four boys who are breathing with absolutely no assistance!! Also, Isaac’s PDA heart valve has closed without surgery, and according to initial tests, so has Clark’s!

God is to be given the glory for the amazing recovery our boys have made from these difficult circumstances. The NICU deserves some credit as well, they are getting wonderful care. Praise God for providing such wonderful people to care for our precious little boys!

More later…..

Brad, Jen, and the Blue Crew

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