Pray for Jen and Clark, Please….

Friends and Family,

Two parts, Jen then the boys:


Jens preeclampsia symptoms seem to be nearly gone, so praise God for that! But, in the middle of the night last night Jens temp spiked above 100 and climbed to around 102 this morning and stayed there. Dr. Sumners is afraid she is getting an infection internally, so he has prescribed some IV antibiotics. She is responding very well to these and appears to be doing better. Please pray that we have hit the final bump in the road for Jen, we are ready for her to be better for good.

The boys:

Praise God, Henry, Brooks, and Isaac are doing very well. Isaac should come off of his vent very soon which would leave all three of them on room air just like you and I. Please pray for Clark. Clark is not responding very well to his ventilator and is being switched to a different type of ventilator. Clark is very sick and needs our prayers. We trust God with his life, but are asking that God would allow him to turn the corner and start improving.

More later,

Brad, Jen, and the Blue Crew

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