Prayers Need for Jen and Update on Babies…

Jen is still okay, but she is still showing several signs that the preeclampsia is not letting up totally. Also, the bleeding still appears to be a problem.

Please pray for my wife. I am determined not to fear, but to trust our Lord and Savior to take care of my wife. She is in His loving hands and I trust him. She is not in much danger right now, but they would really like to see her swelling and reflex signs of preeclampsia go away soon.

Our boys continue to do well this morning. Unfortunately, yesterday afternoon they had to put Clark and Isaac both on ventilators to assist them in breathing. But, the NICU says that they are taking the treatment well and should be just fine eventually. Brooks is still on CPAP, but does not appear to be struggling with that, so hopefully he will not need a vent. Henry, our smallest, is still doing amazingly well. He has no breathing assistance of any kind and continues to thrive.

Because of the CPAP tubes they have in front of his face, I have not been able to see much of Brooks’ face yet. But, I had the overwhelming joy of holding him, my precious son, last night. And, this morning, he was crying when I got to the NICU and I got to put my hand in on top of his chest to comfort him. He immediately stopped crying and wrapped his little hand around my ring finger. His little hand doesn’t even go half way around my finger. I hope to get to touch and interact with my boys more today.

Thank you for your prayers, we are almost out of the woods, but we need to cross a few more hurdles first. Jen is in God’s hands, and it is there that I will leave her, please pray for her.

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