QUAD DAY – Birth Day x4

Hello everyone,

Our boys are here and doing really well. The birth went very well and Jen is recovering in our room again now. They all came out crying and breathing room air on their own.

One of the boys is now on ventilation as he was not able to continue to breath without assistance. The other three have continued to breath without a vent, but they all have a long way to go before we can breath a sigh of relief. But, God has given us five hours of life with our little boys already, and we are thankful to finally get to meet them.

Okay, here are the names and weights that you all have been waiting for in the order in which they entered the world:

Henry Samuel Murray
Born at 12:33pm
2lbs. 12oz.

Brooks Layton Murray
Born at 12:34pm
3lbs. 0oz.

Clark Thomas Murray
Born at 12:34pm
3lbs. 7oz.

Isaac Edward Murray
Born at 12:35pm
4lbs. 0oz.

Here is a picture of the boys just minutes after they were born, right before being hurried off to the NICU.

Left to right: Henry, Brooks, Clark, Isaac
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  1. Milk Mama says:

    Wow! They were all so big! You guys did such a great job! Praise God!

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