Their Birthday Will Be February 2, 2007!!!!

Friends and Family,

It is with exceeding joy and excitement that I bring you some good news tonight. The Amniocentesis results came in this evening and they show that our boys have enough lung maturity for birth tomorrow! Jen is scheduled for a c-section tomorrow at noon!

Please be praying for the following items of concern:

1. That the early signs of pre-eclampsia that Jen is showing do not progress tonight.

2. That the Lord would keep our boys safe from a cord accident for one more night and morning.

3. That Jen would not have to go on Magnesium Sulfate for pre-eclampsia tomorrow before or after the surgery. (not a pleasant drug)

4. That our boys would be born safely and breathing on their own.

5. That God would give us both peace as we wait this last 16 hours.

6. That God would bring Jen through the c-section without complications. Sometimes high order multiple births can cause problems because the uterus is so overstretched, that it does not stop the bleeding very well. Please pray that this would not happen to Jen.

Looking forward to bringing you the good news tomorrow of a safe and healthy birth! You will all finally get to see the names that we have picked out for our little miracles.

Last post before birth!

Brad, Jen, and in honor of the big weekend for the Colts, the Blue Crew.

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