Weights Update

Hello Everyone,

We wanted to give you all an update on the boy’s growth over the past two weeks. Can you believe it? Tomorrow will be the boys two week birthday!!

Birth weight: 2lbs. 12oz.
Weight today: 3lbs. 7oz. (wow!)

Birth weight: 3lbs.
Weight today: 3lbs. 7 oz.

Birth weight: 3lbs. 7 oz.
Weight today: 3lbs. 12oz.

Birth weight: 4lbs.
Weight today: 4lbs. 8oz.

Henry has grown the most because he was able to start his feedings the earliest. Clark and Isaac are now taking all of their nutrition from milk through a tube that runs down their throat and into their stomach, no IV’s! Henry and Brooks are still on IV fluids but are digesting milk well and should be off their IV fluids in the next few days. Then, the next big hurdle will be learning to eat by mouth. Please be praying for this. Our nurses have told us that for some reason, white males typically have the hardest time learning this skill. This is hard to believe because as a white male, I know we have no problems eating later in life!!

More later….

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