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I was so tired of seeing the word “triplet” in our blog address, I decided we would start a new chapter, at a new address, when the boys all get home. Once Clark gets home, this will be the new location where you can follow our family. (Referring to our old blog that tells our pregnancy journey, the miracle birth of our quadruplets, and our stay in the NICU. I am so glad there was yet another blessing inside my belly, instead of “just” triplets!)

2 thoughts on "New Murray Blog Spot"

  1. Hey guys~
    Just wanted you to know we love the new name of your blog. Will be waiting for updates. Take care. Jen, if there is something you can think of that mom and I could send with your mom for you guys let us know. I would rather send what you really need and of course am I crazy that is everything right. Just have your mom get with mine. Love ya-guys

  2. MommaLeeof3 says:

    Congrats on your 4 miracles! I have twins and it’s not easy. I couldnt imagine 4 at once 2 was hard enough. The best advice I can give to anybody having more than 1 baby at the same time… grab onto the help while its there. I didnt get much help with my 2 and I was going crazy sometimes because they both wanted my attention and I couldnt give it to them both. My husband couldnt take much time off work either we were living with my parents so I was just about always on my own with them. I read you are wanting to get close as soon as possible and accepting help doesnt prevent that. If anything it makes it better because then you dont feel bad because you cant take care of them all at the same time you have to take care of them 1 at a time. I am going to keep reading up on your family and I hope everything goes great for you and you are all in my prayers :). If you ever need someone to talk to or listen send me an email and Ill get back to you as soon as possible. Your doing a great job them boys are looking so healthy and happy :). God Bless.

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