Back to the blog…..sorry for the blog vacation!

Friends and Family:

Hello from the Murray family!

I am sorrry for the delay in adding a new post to the website. As you can imagine, life has changed dramatically for Jen and I. I have found it difficult to find the time to give everyone an update, and when I have had a chance, I have been overwhelmed because of how many things there are to tell you about.

First, Jen and the boys are doing really well. As many of you have seen, Jen is back to her beautiful self, both physically and emotionally, and our boys are growing like weeds already! I cannot beleive that my little preemie sons are now 8-10+ pounds and doing so well. In the past two months, God has shown Jen and I how he intended to provide for us once the boys arrived. We have yet to purchase a single diaper or anything else for the boys. I had no idea how we were going to afford to raise our boys, and I still don’t, but God has placed his hand of provision on our family and blessed us in a mighty way through your generosity.

A little about our new family:


Henry, who is still our smallest, probably weighs in the vicinity of 8 pounds these days. Since starting life at 2lbs. 12 ounces, he has grown into his skin and is plumping up nicely. I am excited to see Henry’s personality reveal itself further in the coming months. He does his own thing and rarely follows his brother’s examples. Henry has continued to have miraculous health. Along with his brothers, he has had no illnesses, but he also has continued to grow and eat and give us very little worries about his health.


Brooks has been fun to watch since bringing him home in February. He came home weighing less than four pounds, but now is about nine pounds. As I mentioned in previous postings, Brooks has a hernia that we are watching, but his pediatric urologist seems to think that it will close on its own in the coming months. Please pray that this will happen, then we would be able to avoid surgery. The only other issue that we are dealing with daily with Brooks is his projectile spit-up. Many parents have told us their own stories of babies with this issue. As long as he is gaining weight, this is not a health concern for him. But, I think Jen and I should buy some stock in Resolve cleaner, as Brooks is trying to stain every peice of furniture and carpet we own! 🙂 Brooks is a calm little boy and a pure joy to watch develop.


Clark has not looked back since leaving the hospital in March. All of our concerns for him as we brought him home have turned into relief as he has thrived. He truely is our little superman. Clark has joined Brooks in having problems with projectile spit-ups, giving us plenty of messes to clean up. In fact, little Clark decided it was payback time last week. Brooks spit-up right in Clark’s face a couple of weeks ago as I left for work. So, a few days ago, while laying in their cribs, Clark nailed Brooks in the face, making them even. Neither were very happy when they were rudely awaked from their sleep by about three ounces of formula in the face coming from their brother! The boys now seem to be getting along fine, please pray that this fight is settled! 🙂


Isaac is still the tank. Born a whopping four pounds, we are now guessing that he has left 10 pounds in the dust. We go tomorrow for a weight check, so we will know for sure then. Isaac is the most vocal of the Murray Crew. (except for me of course) Isaac makes noise when he is sitting in his bouncy seat, when he is eating, and even when he is sleeping. Jen and I lay awake one night a week or so ago listening to him make a little sigh noise over and over. I worried that he might be weazing or something, so I went in to check on him. After leaning in close, it was clear that it was just his voice, making little ahhh sounds as he exhaled. I have a feeling once he learns to talk, we may never experience silence again! (he gets this honestly from his father)

Well, I have also attached some pictures below. These are not really up to date, but they are as up-to-date as I have on my flash drive. I will post more later and I hope to post a little more often now.

We love you all, thank you for your love and support, our God is so good.

Brad, Jen, Henry, Brooks, Clark, and Isaac

Our two double strollers, thank you RCI!

From the left: Brooks, Isaac, Henry, and Clark

From the left: Isaac, Henry, Clark, and Brooks

Clark and Brooks

Brooks and Clark

Top to bottom: Henry and Isaac


Formula for one month!

9 thoughts on "Back to the blog…..sorry for the blog vacation!"

  1. i have been checking daily for an update! the boys look soooo “big” and healthy!!! congratulations, they are obviously being taken care of and getting loved!!! they are soooo cute. i will continue to pray for your entire family!!! i was pleased to hear that God os blessing you and providing, what an awesome God we have!!! i look forward to more pictures and updates!

  2. Suzanne says:

    yae for the update!! i have been dying to know how it was going in the murray household! jen looks great and the boys look so big and healthy! always in our prayers! LOVED the pics! keep em coming..

  3. Laura says:

    I agree I have been checking in rather often for this long waited update. You delivered with the cutest pics ever! I am glad everyone is healthy and you and Jenn seem to be taking parenthood (the crash course) with stride!

  4. Emily Fay says:

    Hooray for all of you! You all look wonderful, and it was so great to hear that everything is going well!! It was well worth the wait for the newest pictures and update! I hope to see you in person sometime again soon! Still parying and celebrating for you!!

  5. Jenn Brothers says:

    Amazing! The boys look so big and so healthy! And Jen – you look great! You don’t even look like you’ve given birth. You put us that had one child to shame!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hello! I’m your cousin Corrina Dahl from Peoria. Jen’s Aunt Betty is my grandmother. I wanted to stop in here and see your blog and look at the baby pics. What handsome guys you have!

    Congratulations on your four precious boys.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hey Murray Crew, How awesome to see how the boys are growing and thriving. I keep waiting for God to heal me so I can come spend time with you all but so far things haven’t gone that way. I still have pneumonia and a broken rib from coughing so much. I will get better and when I do, I’m going to come see you and your sweet baby boys and hug you all a whole bunch. Love Leona

  8. Anonymous says:

    It’s always great to read updates from you guys! I read them and then tell Matt all about it. Congrats again and we hope to get up there to see you guys sometime soon! Shannon Morgan

  9. Anonymous says:

    Great to see how things are going. I check often to see updates. God is good! How precious to have all the boys home and healthy. I know that there are still some concerns but again God is good, as He has shown through everthing. I’m sure you are very busy, I remember how busy I was with 4 or more, and getting ready to go out. At least mine weren’t all the same age!
    Lynn Stein

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