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Friends and Family:

Our doctor gave us some exciting news this week……we can get the boys out more! Jen and I are excited for a weekend of warm weather. If you happen to be at a mall this weekend, you might even spot our boys and their double strollers running around the place! He cautioned us that we should not allow everyone to touch and pick them up, but we are just excited that we can begin to get them out more. (Although they have already been out many times for walks around our neighborhood and a few others, not to mention one trip to starbucks)

At their appointment, our boys surprised us again by their incredible growth and health.

Henry: 8lbs. 11oz.
(Henry is longer and thinner, so he fooled us. Jen guessed 7 something, I guessed 8 even, he is coming up on 9lbs.!)

Brooks: 9lbs. 8oz.

Clark: 9lbs. 1oz. (Clark is gaining on Brooks, they look more alike each day)

Isaac: 10lbs. 14oz. (I dont know if he is ever going to let everyone else catch up!)

We are really enjoying watching our boys start to smile and gain enough strength to hold up their own heads and move around a bit. It is so fun as you can tell they are seeing more and more of the world around them for the first time. Our boys all love our skylights and the ceiling fan that is between them. They stare at them in amazement everyday from the comfort of their boppy pillows/bouncy seats.

More later, thank you all for your continued prayers. Brooks has an ultrasound on Monday to ensure that his hernia does not need surgery to fix it. His urologist is confident that it will close on its own in the next year as long as no intestines are protruding through it. Please pray that this is the case and that we can avoid surgery once again! Our God is great!!

Brad, Jen, Henry, Brooks, Clark, and Isaac

PS I was just informed that I had a setting messed up on this new blog that did not allow non-bloggers to leave a comment. This has been fixed, so you should be able to leave comments again if you have tried before.

4 thoughts on "Out and about……"

  1. Laura says:

    Wow! I was glad to see a new post so soon. The boys sound wonderful. Great weights. Have fun outside, enjoying the weather. I imagine you will get lots of attention. Just twins stop the show around here, four will really draw a crowd!

  2. congratulations on finally being able to bring the boys out! i know what a releif it was when we could finally bring the girls out. like laura said, i know the attention we get with twins, i could not imagine having four out and about at the same time….anyway, i hope you have a great week and keep the updates coming!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jennifer!!! Hey girl!! CUTE PICTS!! Email me when you get a split second, okay?? Bullock_Sioby@yahoo.com
    Love ya girl!!

  4. Michelle says:

    Glad to hear such a good update from you guys here, and also from my mom! Both my parents had such a great time spending time with you and the boys. It’s great that your boys and Grayson are all doing so well, and their progression is right on track! I love hearing about you guys since our boys are so close in age. We’re putting some of our pictures on harrod.shutterfly.com…haven’t figured out the whole blog-thing yet! Can’t wait to meet them, but for now, we’ll have to settle for stories from mom and dad.

    Michelle, John, Caroline, and Grayson

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