Prayer Request…..Please pray…

Friends and Family:

I have a new prayer request for you from a new acquaintance of ours from Texas. Her name is Suzanne and she is pregnant with quadruplets. Suzanne contacted us shortly after the boys were born to ask a few questions after she found our blog. Jen and I have been following her blog ever since.

Ok, so here goes:

I know that it is much easier to pray for someone you know personally. But, I have told Suzanne that I am going to try to get as many of our bloggers signed up to pray for her babies as I can. Suzanne just found out that her cervix is shortening, so they have put her on bedrest. They are also considering placing a cerclage in an effort to lengthen her pregnancy. As those of you who followed our blog know, she HAS to get to at least 24 weeks for her babies to have any chance at survival. Would you all PLEASE pray for her babies? Would you also go to her site linked below and leave a comment to let her know that you are praying for her? You all gave us so much encouragement during Jens pregnancy, would you now pass that along to Suzanne? These are four precious little lives, and our God CAN bring them into this world safely, please pray!!
(By the way, Suzanne is having three boys and a girl)

Thank you all!

Brad, Jen, Henry, Brooks, Clark, and Isaac

3 thoughts on "Prayer Request…..Please pray…"

  1. Suzanne says:

    thank you so much for the beautiful words and request for prayers! God is the only one who can get us through this and I truly believe He is the reason we have gotten this far at all! you guys have been such an encouragement to me…thanks again.

  2. slw says:

    I have just found your story and loved reading your 1st blog and that long journey,then this follow on blog for the future. What an inspirational is obvious you have alot of love in your home. I am 15weeks pregnant with mono-mono twins..and you have given me hope and faith that everyting will be just fine.
    I wish your family health and continued hapiness.

    thank you

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hello Murray Crew!

    I got your note (super cute). Matt and I look forward to seeing you on the big day, but we understand if you can’t make it.

    Amy M.

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