Catching You Up….

Alright, so where should I start?????? Let’s just start with the boys and what they’ve been up to…..We have a doctor’s appointment today, their 4 month appointment – can you believe it? 4 shots a piece for a grand total of 16 shots and 8 bandaides. Ouch! We will be Tylenoling (yes, it’s now a verb) all night. There’s a specific prayer request for ya! I’ll try to get on and update you on weights. We look forward to that part!

Let’s see….the boys are growing and are so much fun each day. Especially now that they are all smiling up a storm, it makes you feel like, “hey, he likes me”. Everytime one of them smiles it makes my day over and over. What a blessing! They are sleeping about 9 hours on average a night, with an occasional pacifer run. Whoohooo! It was hard work, but it’s now paying off. We are such better parents with a good nights sleep and we are so thankful for some real shut-eye! Their day consists of feedings every 3 hours, playtime, and naptime. They enjoy their bouncy seats, boppies, and gym mostly. Here’s a short run down of what they are doing individually.

Henry: Henry has been showing that he still is the oldest by rolling over, (which is quite an accomplishment for a 2 month old (adjusted age)). He loves to do his trick in his bed, while he should be sleeping! Occasionally he rolls into his big brother Isaac, which he isn’t too fond of, but we are keeping them in 2 cribs for as long as possible. The crib dividers maybe just around the corner, though. Henry smiles with his whole face – too cute. He has such a sweet personality.

This Henry right after he rolled over for the first time!

Brooks: Brooks continues to be laid back and go with the flow. He likes to smile most when you’re feeding him, which is very cute, but a bit frustrating when you are trying to feed 4 babies! He’s been figuring out how to bat at his toys and loves to look at his brothers. He curls up with Clark in the middle of the night – so cute!

Clark on the left, Brooks on the right. Yes, we really can tell them apart! Promise!

Clark: Clark loves to kick (this started way back in wombville). He was definately my most active one in there. He loves to hang upside down by kicking backwards in his boppie. He has a wonderful grin and is quite the happy boy when you wake him up from his nap. He has rolled over once in the boppie and once in his crib – we’ll see if he keeps that up! He’s also quite the cuddler.

Isaac: Isaac is the talker of the bunch. He makes noise from sleeping to waking. I’m thinking he might be immitating his cousin Jonathan. He loves to smile and coo at you while you talk to him. He just loves to eat! Isaac loves to be held and loved on.

Isaac showing off his big ole cheeks and no neck!

They each have their own personality, as you can see. Hope you enjoyed my little update.

More blogging later,
Quatro Mama and the Gang!

6 thoughts on "Catching You Up…."

  1. None says:

    What cutie pies! They’re getting so big…wow! Just think — 18 years from now you’ll be getting ready for one mega-huge graduation open house!!! 😉

    Thanks for the update!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jen and Brad,
    I am friends with rachel and John. I have g/b twins and am involved in a WONDERFUL multiples group! We would love to have you guys join us one evening! Our website is
    We have mutiples of all kinds and we are a fairly large club! Plus you will have over 100 moms who know exactly what you are going thru!!! my e-mail is if you want more info! Good luck with that handsome crew!!!

    Kristi & Jeff Espiritu
    Bryce (9) and TWINKIES Elyse and Tryston (2)

  3. Anonymous says:

    God Bless your family! They’re beautiful.

    Mommy of five

  4. Quad Mom says:

    Your babies are beautiful! Our Quads just turned one a few weeks ago and it’s nice to have time to go online once in a while now. I promise.. it get’s sooo much easier and more fun every day! I found you guys through “life through my eyes” and was so excited to see your four. Congrats to you and your beautiful family. Visit us sometime. I love to chat with other moms of quads… it’s so nice to know we are not alone in this awesome experience! xoxo Gen McNulty…

  5. Gretchen says:

    Glad to hear you’re in the 21st century with your wireless. . . it really is crazy not to have it!

    The boys are to DIE for cute! WOW!

    We mainly think they look like you (sorry Brad!). What do you think?

  6. Jenn Brothers says:

    Thank you so much for all of the updates! The boys sure are handsome and getting quite big. Look forward to more updates – take care!

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