New Pictures

I decided I better post some new pictures for you dedicated readers, especially since we are famous this morning. Baby Blog Addict featured us this morning on their site – be sure to check it out! It’s a great site with lots of great, practical info. And besides, one of the writer’s names is Jennifer – so you gotta love that!

7 thoughts on "New Pictures"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Jen!! I have your web page under “My Favorites” so I am always sure to keep “up to date”!! Such cuuute pics of your babies!!! Can’t believe they’re FIVE months already!! And growing so much!! You know my cousin Mandy Edgington is haveing TWINS!! A boy and a girl!!! God is awesome!! Talk to you later, sioby

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dad was telling me last night about seeing your boys yesterday at church. We were laughing at how chubby they all are and carrying those four infant seats around. We were laughing at how much we complained at how heavy Nathan was in his ONE car seat. We can’t imagine carrying FOUR heavy boys! We’re so thrilled for you guys to have your four, healthy, chunky babies. They’re so cute!


  3. ~Denise~ says:

    Love the new pics! I check in from time to time to see how the crew is doing. I found your blog through a friend at the PF when you were pregnant.

    You’re babies are beautiful!!

  4. grammy reese says:

    the pics are so cute. the boys are sure growing. mike and i have been on a little trip to branson. just 3 days but it was fun and relaxing. i know you are one busy lady. they are so healthy. GOD has blessed you and brad and the community of friends and family. we are so happy for you. fran reese

  5. Laura says:

    WOW! Those little guys are growing into healthy,chubby babies! I am so thrilled to see how they have progressed. You are so blessed and they are so lucky to have such a mother. I cannot imagine the work… with my four (not all the same age) I think my twins are hard. The pictures are so cute!

  6. Darla says:

    Hey there Jennifer! Still hard to believe our little Jennifer has 4 little ones of her own! 🙂 I share your blog by printing it out periodically and taking to mom -she’s thrilled to see how well everyone is doing and the funnies you and Brad always share. We love you and know that God will continue to bless and provide your every need.

  7. We are so happy to be able to feature your handsome boys on

    We look at baby blogs as a great parenting support system and whenever we think life gets hectic with one child, it’s always a reality check for us when we look at multiples’ blogs. You are an inspiration.


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