Deep in the Heart of Texas

Many of you have been following my quad sister, Suzanne. They are all over the Dallas/Ft. Worth media today. She even gave me a huge shout out in the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram. Check out the link here:

It’s very fun to get mentioned, but most of all I’m just thankful to be a blessing to someone else. We’ve been blessed by so many, it’s great to give a little back in the form of support to a fellow quad mama. Remember how I asked you to pray that the Steece babies would “thrive regardless of what typical 30 weekers are suppose to do”? God hears our prayers. Ben (similar to our Isaac), their chunk, is going home tomorrow with his brothers and sister following close behind.

I only wish that I could now go help with those middle of the night feedings, because those are killer! Makes me thankful for my full night’s sleep. Keep praying for this family as they enter the enormous adventure of caring for 4 babies! I know they’ll do great!
Suzanne, if you’re reading I’m still rooting for you, girl! You’re one amazing mama and I look forward to watching our little ones grow. Savannah, watch out you’ve got four older boys who think you’re a beauty. They would like to have you over for chilli sometime! HAAA!
Love, Your Indiana Cheerleader

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What great compliments to one another, great people, great children! Thanks to our great God! God Bless you both! A friend in Texas.

  2. hey guys, thanks for stoppin by my blog! i check yours everyday to see updates on your family! your boys are beautiful…i show them off all the time to my friends here. katie and i do need to come and visit, maybe when the semester slows down a bit we can do it! hope all is well.

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