Family Ties

My brother Dan flew in from Florida last week and got to meet the boys for the first time. I think he’s smittin’! He was a bit rusty, since he hadn’t fed a baby since 1979 (ME!), but he did awesome! It was great to spend time with him and the Myers clan. A special shout out to our Florida “lurkers” from Dan’s church. We know you are out there! You’ve been a HUGE prayer support, and we are so grateful! Come back soon, Uncle Dan (and bring your cute little wife Blanca too)!

4 thoughts on "Family Ties"

  1. Darla says:

    Love the picture of the 4 of you together after all these years. (Sandy, Dan, Mike and you). How fun to have that little reunion!!! Neat slide show!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love the pic of your dad holding one of the little guys…i’m not sure which one because i couldn’t see his face to well, but i’m going to guess Isaac. Anyways – so cool that dan got to come what a treat.

    love ya,
    Jaimie Z

  3. Emily says:

    I found your blog through a comment on the Steeces and had to come over and see your crew. Your blog posts are just amazing…it is great to see how much strength and wisdom God has blessed you with – He couldn’t have picked a better couple to place 4 babies with. They are going to grow up with some great Christian examples.

    Emily from Texas

  4. Gretchen says:

    AUGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I’m gonna die over that picture of your dad holding the baby! SO stinkin’ cute! HEE HEE!

    Tell Ed that “Girtle” says hi. Inside Joke.

    HAHAHAHAHA! Just thought of another one! Remember when we used to complain that our parents made us go out to eat at the same places all the time?? You said your dad would say “Hey, let’s go to Burger King because they have Whoppers for 99 cents this week” when they were that price all the time?? Best inside joke! I’d always be like “hey, Jen, didja get a Whopper while they were still on sale for 99 cents??” HA HA! We were total ingrates! Like our parents HAD to take us out to eat!

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