Happy Birthday Jen!

Hey all,

Just a quick post to let you all know that today is Jen’s birthday!
A little over a month ago, I was trying to decide what I would do for Jen’s birthday. I have always tried to be creative in making Jen feel special. Well, here is this year’s big idea. I went to each of the medical offices/hospitals that played a part in getting our boys here safe and sound, and asked all of the staff involved to wish Jen a happy birthday on video. This is not an easy task to keep secret with so many people to capture on video. But, I was able to get to most of these places on my lunch.

I was not successful in getting EVERYONE that I wanted involved, but I was able to get a good representation of the wonderful people that God used in our lives in the past year. Thank you to all of you who helped make this video possible for Jen, I really appreciate it. These will allow us to remember all of you for years to come.



I love you more than you could possibly imagine. The sacrifices you made for our family in the past year will never be forgotten.

I love you for every tear we’ve cried, every decision we made together, every day you spent on bedrest, every contraction monitoring session you endured, the hundreds of needle pokes you took, every hospital trip we made together, every doctors appointment we went to, the discipline you displayed in caring for your unborn children during pregnancy by staying on bedrest diligently and eating right, the pain you endured for the TAC surgery and c-section, every smile you forced, the great attitude you had, the four beautiful children you gave me, and every other great thing you do on a daily basis that I tend to overlook and take for granted.

You are an amazing woman and you will always be my beautiful princess. The rest of the world needs to know how incredibly lucky I am to have you as my wife. I am not ashamed to say that you bring me to tears just thinking about everything you mean to me. It is difficult to even express. You make a positive impact everywhere you go, and are such a blessing to those around you.

Happy Birthday baby!

Ok, this goes for EVERYONE, even those of you that follow the blog and we dont know you, please hit the comment button below and wish my girl a happy birthday! Lets see how many Happy Birthday Jen comments we can get. I dont care, e-mail your friends, I want a bunch of Happy Birthdays!! 🙂

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  1. Dina says:

    Hi murray crew! I just came across your blog, and it’s AMAZING!! First off, Happy Birthday Jen! and to her devoted husband, your sooo supportive and such a wonderful guy to post such a special message to your wife…

    You truly are blessed with 4 gifts, and God couldn’t have chosen more wonderful people.

    I can barely handle 1 child (3 years old) sooo you guys are “the bomb”.

    Aloha and have a BEAUTIFUL DAY!

  2. Patty Myers says:

    Hey Jennifer…I was going to leave you this message the first thing this morning but got busy. I wanted to let you know I haven’t forgotten about you and wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday!!!
    I love you…Patty

  3. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday – from a blog watcher! Found your through Suzanne – but I’m now a fellow Hoosier!!! Go Colts and happy Birthday.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday from Louisiana!

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    Hey Jen! Happy birthday! What an amazing woman and mamma you are! Brad, you made me cry!

    Take care,
    Andrea Pulice

  8. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Jen from a fellow mom in Plano, TX!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Jen!

  10. Cryssy says:

    Happy Birthday!! From a bedresting pregnant mom in Summerville, SC!!! Any mom with multiples is my hero…but four…wow.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Happy B-Day to you. You have an amazing family, and I wish you many many happy birthdays with all those beautiful little boys!

  12. Beth says:

    Happy Birthday Jen! Wishing you a wonderful day from Phoenix, Arizona!! Your family is beautiful!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday, Brad’s right, you spread JOY wherever you go!! You may never know the great impact you have on the lives you touch. You are a huge blessing, not just to your family but also to your friends!!
    Hugs to you today!!
    Tami and the girls!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Jen!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday, Jen!

  16. Jamie says:

    Happy Birthday, Jen! Hope you get to see you in person soon. We all keep up with you thru the blog. Thanks for sharing with us and being such an encouragement. Jamie Reese

  17. None says:

    Happy Birthday, Jen!!! Hope it’s a great day. What a year to remember!!! 🙂

  18. Anonymous says:

    YOU ARE WONDERFUL! Have a happy Birthday!
    From ,
    Amanda in Ohio

  19. molly says:

    Happy Birthday, Jen! I have “lurked,” and followed your family for quite awhile now and have enjoyed your journey!
    Your husband is very sweet in his words to you! 🙂
    We are due to have our fourth (one at a time, mind you!) in one week. I am looking forward to MOST of it! 🙂
    You make it look easy!

  20. Happy Birthday Jen from Australia.
    Enjoy your special day with your precious familyn.

  21. angie says:

    Happy Birthday Jen!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Jen,
    My name is Lyndsey and I am currently on my 5th week inpatient with my MoMo girls. Your blog is awesome to read and you and your husbands faith is truly inspriring! Enjoy your special day!


  23. Hope you have a great day & a Happy Birthday. Love your boys and what a blessing from God children are. Not sure how I came across your page, but I’ve been reading it for quite some time now but have never posted a comment.

  24. Andria says:

    Oh my! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jen! What an AMAZING hubby you have!!!! How awesome is that??? I think I’ve shed a few tears just reading this post. You are truly blessed with all those men in your life! Hope you can manage to do something special for yourself for your birthday.
    ~Andria (Sacramento)

  25. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Jen! What a year you’ve had! I hope the next year brings many blessings! You deserve a day for you!

  26. Anonymous says:

    I’m a lurker.

    Happy birthday from Los Angeles.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday :)!

  28. Kayla says:

    Have a great birthday Jen. I have followed your blog since before you had your beautiful children and I think you are just amazing. Very inspirational. In Parenting and Marriage !!

  29. Amanda says:

    Happy Birthday Jen!

    You have one very special man on your hands there. He is so sweet in his words to you! You truly have an amazing relationship!

  30. Misty says:

    Jen the Hen, Have a great birthday!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday!!

    Amy & Matt Cornell
    (Cubby wants to know if you are having cake, and if yes, whether or not he can come “celebrate” with you. HA!)

  32. Amy says:

    I agree with every word Brad said! You’re the best! Happy Birthday Jen! You are loved! Amy Mathison

  33. Long time lurker.. I have been so blessed by your blog. Your family is an awesome reflection of Christ. Just wanted to wish Jen a HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!

  34. Jenn Brothers says:


  35. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Jen!
    You are one beautiful AND amazing woman. And that husband of yours….WOW!
    We hope you had a wonderful day!

    Bill & Linda

  36. Angelle says:

    I have been following your blog for a while now and love watching your boys grow and learn. Hope your birthday was great!

  37. Kristy says:

    Hi Jen! Happy Birthday! Brad is right… You are the strongest person I know and I admire your ability to handle every challenge that comes your way with class. I hope you had a great birthday… I am proud to say that you are my sister-in-law!!!

    Love ya,

  38. Our Family says:

    Hi Jen,
    Happy birthday. Remember me from spot group ages ago. I have been following the blog. I look so forward to reading. I enjoyed it so much I started my own for my family. Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration.

    Tara Danielson

  39. Emily & Jaxon says:

    Happy Birthday, Jen! Congrats on having 4 handsome babies and 1 loving hubby!! Could it get any better, really?

  40. Gramma & Grampa Murray says:

    Hi Jen,
    Gramma and Grampa want you to know that we think you are the more wonderful, patient, loving, greatest, understanding, mommy in the world. We love you for who you were before the boys and who you are with the boys. Thanks for being a great mommy. Happy Birthday Sweet Jen. Love Ya, Tom and Kathy

  41. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Jen! You are a great mom and I love reading your blog!!

  42. leesa says:

    I follow your blog faithfully and am so proud of you for raising 4 beautiful faith filled boys!!! Happy Birthday!!!

  43. happy birthday jen! wow, what a great tribute to a wonderful wife and mother!! i read your blog regularly and thoroughly enjoy every minute of it! your boys are absolutely adorable!! i hope your birthday is a very special day!

  44. Anonymous says:

    well this time i’ll give your ears a rest! happy birthday in type – i’m so glad you were born jen!!

    love ya,
    Jaimie Z

  45. Anonymous says:

    happy birthday!!!

    could you have a better husband?!!!

    hope your day was wonderful!

    -morgan montgomery

  46. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday! You guys bring so much joy in our lives. We are having a hard pregnancy right now but have been greatly encouraged by your faith. Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us. You have been such a blessing for us!

    A fellow blogger

  47. Linda, Anna, Noah, Elijah & Shawn says:

    Happy Birthday, Jen!
    Thanks for posting the sweet video. Nice to see all the familiar faces.

  48. Happy Birthday from a twin momma in Oklahoma.

  49. CarolV32904 says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN! You don’t know me, I’m a friend of Sarah Livengood. She’s my office-mate at work. :O) She shared your blog with me during your pregnancy and I’ve followed along with you ever since. I hope you have a WONDEFUL birthday, your first of many, as a Mommy. There’s just nothing like it! I have a new grandson who is 3 weeks younger than your boys so it’s fun to watch them grow “together”. LOL!

    Carol Vandiver

  50. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Jen!
    From a fellow lurker!

  51. Jodi says:

    Hi Jen,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ~ hope you had a great day and that you have a great birthday weekend too!

    Brad the video was a great idea!

  52. Krissy says:

    Happy Birthday! You have a great blog, and it is so cool to hear you praise God in the midst of what must be some exhausting days. Your husbands tribute reminds me of Proverbs 31: “Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her…”

  53. I dont know you, but I have been “blog-spying” on you for a while now. I have 4 boys as well, but mine are a little more spread out!! (6,5,4, and almost 2 years old.) What a joy! I love reading your blog… yand I can tell just from what I have read… you must be quite an amazing woman!
    Happy Birthday!
    ~summer best

  54. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Jen! Today is my dad’s 80th birthday – I didn’t know it was yours too. Hope you had a great day. You are so amazing and such an inspiration – I am so happy that God blessed you with 4 amazing little boys!
    Love, from the Lambert’s

  55. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Jen!
    Sarah L

  56. Stacey says:

    From one Hoosier multiple mommy to another Happy Birthday! I picked up your link on the state roll call off TC. What beautiful kids you have, I love reading about them. They are close to our age and it is cool to see if we are doing the same things. Hope you had a great day!

  57. twiceasnice says:

    Happy birthday from Austin Texas and a twin mommy! Bless you on this special day!

  58. Robin says:

    Well, now…I popped over here because I’ve been getting a fair amount of traffic to my blog from your site (I guess through Blogher) :). Glad I did, if for no other reason to tell you “thanks”…and…


    (and your header made me smile…sooooo sweet!) 🙂

  59. Casey's trio says:

    What a special birthday gift from your husband! You two must be an amazing couple…I’m a complete stranger feelin’ the love you two have for each other thanks to the beautiful video and words Brad put together for you. Jen, I hope you have a wonderful birthday:)

  60. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Jen! I’ve been reading your story since before your boys were born and am addicted to your blog. I love hearing how God is providing, challenging and loving you and your family. I am from Perth, Western Australia and you know, I can’t even remember how I found your blog!

    Have a great day!

    Bec Logan

  61. Joanne says:

    Hi Jen,
    Happy Birthday all the way from Australia!!!!

  62. lisa says:

    I’m a daily reader just wishing you a Happy Happy Birthday Jen! Your family is an inspiration.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday, Jen! What a guy you have to go out of his way to make such a special video for you- I’m sure you’ll cherish it for quite some time 🙂 Now go follow the orders of at least half those docs and nurses, and Kiss and Hug on your boys!!!

  64. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know you guys, but I check your blog daily and get so excited when I see an update. I love your sense of humor… just to let you know you bring smiles and laughter to people all over the country who reads your blog! What blessing you and your family are to so many! I wish you a very Happy Birthday and more importantly I wish you a lifetime of blessings to come! Just to let you and Brad know that this blog he wrote to you brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart…What blessing you have in him and your four little boys!

    A “friend” in Tennessee!

  65. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday, Jen! We love you and your whole family and pray for God’s continued blessing in your life!
    The Danforths

  66. Matt says:

    Happy Happy Birthday awesome mama!

  67. slivengo says:

    Happy Birthday Jen!

    Love, Sarah, Phil, and Emily Livengood

  68. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Jen!

    Your faithful lurker,
    Colchester, VT

  69. Anonymous says:

    From the mom of grown twins (and another child 20 months older), Happy Birthday! Enjoy your time with the boys.

    Jonesboro, AR

  70. Darla says:

    Well, Sandy and I were at TTU when you were born – so this certainly brings OLD memories back! 🙂 I remember when your mom came into the Bible Book Nook pregnant for you and now you have grown into a wonderful young mother of QUADS. Who would have ever imagined that! You have and will always be special to me and my family – you were a joy as a little girl and it seems you have continued that throughout your life and now Brad and boys get to enjoy you in their lives with that same joy!!! Have a wonderful FIRST birthday as a mommy!!!! It will be a special on, I’m sure!!!! JUST LIKE YOU!

  71. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Jen!!! Hope you have a wonderful day.

  72. Happy Birthday, Jen!!!!! I love reading about you and your family- you are a true inspiration as a mother.

  73. Anonymous says:


  74. Anonymous says:

    I know it’s a day late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN!! Your husband’s post was SO SWEET that I couldn’t help but send you birthday wishes too!

  75. jillybean says:

    Wow, Jen! Amazing! What an example you have been. The Lord has used you and Brad in great ways! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  76. Katie says:

    Happy Birthday Jen!

  77. Joy says:

    Hey Jen!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you had a wonderful day! You have been such an inspiration to me throughout my pregnancy! And, although I haven’t met you in person, I feel like I already know you! You are an amazing mother and a wonderful example to me.


    P.S. Brad – this whole post made me cry my eyes out…maybe its the hormones, but what a wonderful way to celebrate Jen’s big day!

  78. Anonymous says:


  79. Anonymous says:

    Delurking to say happy birthday. I check your blog often because it always brings me smiles, and pray for you and your adorable family for health and wisdom as the boys grow. God bless, Janice

  80. Johanna says:

    Happy Birthday Jen! Hope had a blessed day!


  81. Anonymous says:

    I am a daily reader . . . Happy Birthday from Wisconsin! You have an awesome family.

  82. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday from SC

  83. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday from Gretchen’s mother-in-law in Ohio!

  84. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday from Alvin, Tx!! I hope you had a happy birthday. I love reading your blog about your sweet baby boys.

  85. MaryBeth says:

    Happy Belated Birthday!!

  86. lori says:

    happy birthday, jen!

    i’m a recent fan of your beautiful crew. i can’t remember how i found you…prolly from suz’s quad blog.

    anyhoo, i love watching your four scrumptious boys grow up and reading about what’s going on with you guys.

    wishing you a very happy b-day with your five boys (including your hubby, of course :-)!


  87. Anonymous says:

    You don’t know me, but I have been reading your blog since a little before your boys were born–I had my fifth baby on 2/5, so I have one about the same age. I have enjoyed reading your story so much and seeing how God has worked in your family…it has been a blessing. I enjoy reading your blog and hearing about your life. I am happy for you that all of you are doing well and you have four healthy, beautiful boys!
    Hope you had a nice birthday.
    Jennifer Williams-Louisville, KY
    You have a sweet husband, too. His comments were so nice and all that he went through to make the video. (Isn’t is nice to spend your life w/your best friend…)

  88. ASHENFELTERS says:

    Hey Jen.You don’t know me but I’ve kept up with your blog since before the boys were born.I hope you have a great day and that you cherish every moment with those adorable boys!they grow so fast so enjoy each stage.Also,God has blessed you with a very special husband.How sweet was this post?!:)Don’t forget to cherish him too!Happy birthday!

  89. Anonymous says:

    I’m in tears just reading that post!! You have an amazing, beautiful family!! Best birthday wishes from Illinois!

  90. Alice says:

    Happy Birthday From Maryland.

    I have been following your blog from Suzanne’s blog.

  91. Happy Birthday, Jen!! What a glorious day to thank God for all the blessings he has bestowed upon you, isn’t it? You are truly blessed and I pray for many more years for you and Brad, and lots of fun with the boys…and a ton of grandkids one day!

    Veronica from San Diego, CA

  92. Branda says:

    Wow! I admire you! You deserve a day off! If I were close, I woudl come over for a few hours so you could go out. I wish you a wonderful birthday! Will you please e-mail me your address? I have some extra baby food from my babycheapskate blessing and some formula that we did not need (unopened). I would be glad to mail to you guys. mmp19450@yahoo.com.

    Happy Birthday!

  93. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Jen the Hen!

    Anna Cast

  94. Lisa says:

    Happy Birthday Jen! I have followed your blog for awhile now and I am amazed at what an awesome person you are. Your ability to glorify God in every situation is humbling. I wish you nothing but joy and love today and always. I look foward to watching the quads grown. With you and your husband as models, they are destined to become men of strength and integrity. Happy Birthday!

  95. Brittany says:

    Happy Birthday, Jen!


  96. Emily says:

    Only 3 more til 100! Happy birthday!

  97. Annie says:

    Happy Birthday! That was one of the most beautiful letters I have ever read! Good job, Dad!
    From another “quadmom”……….


  98. Steph says:

    Happy Bday! Hope it was a good one – your babies are adorable!

  99. Kiley says:

    Hey girl. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope it was fabulous. By the way…what a great man you’ve got…very thoughtful! It was neat to see some VERY familiar faces in that video. Talk to you soon.

  100. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday! I found you on Baby blog addict and have followed you for a while now. Your family is so beautiful and amazing. Hope you had a wonderful day.

  101. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday from Kentucky!

  102. Shannon says:

    I think this is record setting! I would love to wish Jen a happy, happy birthday!! What a year it has been. I hope you get a minute to pamper yourself and relax. You deserve it!!

    Fellow Momo Mom,

  103. Stephanie says:

    Happy (belated) birthday, Jen! Too bad half price margarita night at Chi Chis is no more. 🙂
    Steph G.

  104. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jen! Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday! I know that you are very busy with you boys, but be sure to take the advice of the dr’s and nurses on the video and try to take time for you.
    And if you get a chance, send me an email on my school address. I am home on maternity leave w/ our number 4 (except I didn’t do mine all at once!) I’d love to give you an update.

    Kim Runyon

  105. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Jen. Hope you have a wonderful day! You certainly deserve it 🙂 Your friend in UT!

  106. Anonymous says:

    Hope you had a great birthday, Jen! What an awesome guy you are married to!

    God bless,
    Amanda Schleper

  107. katrina says:

    happy birthday Jen! you are a great mama and I respect you lots!

  108. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Jen, from Ohio!

  109. Anonymous says:

    Hope you had a great birthday!!

    Mommy of five

  110. GRAMMY REESE says:


  111. Ashley says:

    Happy Birthday, Jen, from Florida

  112. Darla says:

    WOW – What a great surprise to actually see the boys BEFORE they entered college!!! HAHA:) They are just ADORABLE and Isaac seemed to be quite happy in “Aunt Dar-Dar’s” arms!!! Thanks so much for making the trip over and surprising us – it certainly made our weekend!!!! Love ya!

  113. Anonymous says:

    Happy belated birthday jen..still waiting to hear from you..! ~sioby

  114. Meaghan says:

    Happy birthday from Alabama! Y’all are such a cute family, and I love to read about your quad adventures! Thanks for sharing your lives with us readers and for always letting the love of God show through your words! Hope you had a great b-day!

  115. Anonymous says:

    I found your blog by way of my friend and fellow “Quad Mom”, Jaclyn Tubre.

    Happy Birthday from Louisiana!!

  116. Page says:

    Happy Birthday from Panama City, Florida! Better late than never, right?? 😉

  117. Anonymous says:


    I’m hopefully getting this Blogger world figured out enough to leave a comment. I guess this will be the experiement.

    What a thoughtful & fun thing your sweet husband did for you for your birthday. These kind are the best kind of presents for sure. I hope that you had a wonderful day – your first birthday with babes in arms! Can’t get much better than that!!! Any chance of sharing your age?

    God bless you with a fabulous year filled with love, gratitude, peace, health, & continued blessings from the Lord. You are a beautiful daughter of God with a beautiful family!

    Happy Birthday & many more!

    From your friend in Thailand

  118. ~Denise~ says:

    Happy Belated Birthday!

  119. I guess all of us who have been sneaking a peek at your blog will have to declare our identity now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN! What a fabulous husband you have… don’t let him write too many love letters because all of us in blogland will be incredibly jealous. KIDDING! Hope your birthday was a wonderful one!

  120. Milantifosa says:

    Hi… I have been following your blog from a couple of motnhs… buit I read it all… Its such an amazing story about faith, perseverance, patient and of course LOVE.
    Have a wonderful Birthday from Venezuela… and God bless your family

  121. Anonymous says:

    I’m a little late in getting to this. My apologies. You are an amazing woman, Jen. I have such an admiration for your spirit and perpetual kindness! I wish you the happiest of birthdays (even though it’s belated). I am sure it was picture perfect. My heart fills with joy when I read your blogs. Know that you are in inspiration to many, including myself! Happy birthday, Jen! You certainly deserve every happiness!

    Mandy Hines

  122. Laura says:

    Been out of town… Happy Birthday Jen! You have a great birthday, mine was October 5th.

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