He’s Down 4 The Count….


There’s no flag/touch football for the Murray boys – it’s full contact. They love to play “Tackle Me” (as my nephews call it). Moments like these happen almost daily. They are constantly making each other giggle and I cannot express how much we LOVE to hear laughter filling our home. This particular instance, I was putting some laundry in the dryer and I hear this cackling in the other room. I couldn’t tell if it was laughter or crying. It was so fun to walk in on my boys (Clark on Isaac) cracking each other up. I never know whether to grab the camera to capture the memory or just to stop and eat up the whole moment. I hope you’re glad I caught this one….

8 thoughts on "He’s Down 4 The Count…."

  1. Kiley says:

    Isn’t that the sweetest sound in the whole world?!? Too cute! I know how you feel…I feel like I want to keep a camera on my little ones 24/7 as they are always doing the cutest things. Your boys are getting so big…and still just as adorable as ever;)

  2. Anonymous says:

    How cute!! I love the belly!


  3. megan says:

    I say to “cherish the moment”. It wont be long before it really is “tackle me” and then you will be wondering how much do I let them punch and push each other around? Boys will be boys. Isn’t that fun to see them do “boy things” so early on in life? There is definetly a difference between boys and girls, or so I hear…

  4. That’s just so precious 🙂

    My oldest daughter (second child) is the one that was tackling her big brother and wrestling him to the ground. To this day, even though he’s 2 years older, she wins more than he does lol. I often find myself wishing I had a video camera to capture all those precious moments…

  5. Darla says:

    SO SWEET!!! Hope they always enjoy each other like they are right now – ha! 🙂 At least with their sizes, they can all take the tackling from each other – – they’re all little bruisers!!! 🙂 And – I love the little train (wagon). That was so funny – – I had to share with people here at work – it was just the cutest thing. I’ve printed out so that mom can see…she’ll love seeing those pictures. You’re having so much fun – – do you sleep with the camera at your fingertips??? haha! Can’t wait to see what’s next! Love Ya!

  6. I LOVE baby giggles! When my daughter tackles my son, its no big deal…but Lord help us if he tackles her! She screams bloody murder! (maybe its b/c he’s 5 lbs heavier…but still!).

    BTW, Got the gift card in the mail yesterday! Thanks again! Can’t wait to get dessert!

  7. Dina says:

    I laughed as I watched this sweet video…then I realized. WAIT TILL THEY’RE TEENAGERS wresting!!! I KNOW they won’t be like the Gotti boys….you two have got so much love, and GOD in your home!

  8. Anonymous says:

    hahahhahahahah that video clip is awesome, jen!!!! ~sioby

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