Our Story Unfolds….On Television!

We’ve kept you waiting so long and you’ve been such great sports! We had to drag our feet in telling you, because our COMMERCIAL for the St. Vincent Tiny Successes Campaign is airing TODAY for the first time! We are sooooo excited to share it with you! Check it out:

This radio spot will also air on local radio stations over the next few months.

If you live in the Indy region you should be able to catch our commercial live on the following major media outlets during the next few months….

TV: CBS (WISH-TV Channel 8), NBC (WTHR Channel 13), FOX (WXIN Channel 59), and ABC (WRTV Channel 6)

Radio: (not an exhaustive list) 95.5 WFMS, 96.3 WHHH, 104.5 WJJK, 107.9 WNTR, 99.5 WZPL

Print: Upcoming Issues of Indy Child Magazine and Indianapolis Woman Magazine and various publications

Our “spot” will be debuting this morning during the morning news and will air tonight on ABC during the 9:00 -10:00pm hour, just to give you some specifics if you want to try and catch it.

Many of you will ask, “Where are the babies?” The idea of this campaign is to bring people to the Tiny Successes Website. You’ll find our boys and their story there. It’s a pretty incredible website and they really did a fabulous job putting our story into words and pictures. Put down that coffee….don’t answer the phone….quit biting your fingernails….click their link and check out our story! Pass it on….

So it’s not Oprah and I’m definitely NOT pregnant, but this is a privilege to be a part of…..(However, Ty Pennington if you’re reading this send me a text message…hahaaaa!)

We’ve got more to share about WHY we agreed to shoot this commercial for St. Vincent and details about a new project in the works that you have been contributing to without your knowledge, inspired by our NICU experience.

Check back soon for more “unfolding”……..