Why St. Vincent’s? (Exclusive Birth Video!)

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRcG8GL6iDo](5 minutes after the Murray crew was born)

When St. Vincent’s Hospital approached us about doing a commercial about our NICU experience, Jen and I were suprised to say the least. We quickly decided that we wanted to do the spot, despite the fact that it was going to be a really hectic day. We had, so far, avoided most media attention, and had kind of decided that we liked it that way.

So, for you local moms, here is our answer to the question, why St. Vincent’s?

During our NICU stay, we watched as many babies were transported there, shortly after birth, from around the state. I remember thinking how much better off these babies would have been, had they been born there to start with.

Then, when the unthinkable happens, and your baby comes early or has unexpected complications, this wonderful NICU staff is right down the hall. You cannot tell me that a baby who needs intensive care, but has to be transported from 30 minutes or 3 hours away, has as good a chance at survival as one who can be rushed down the hall and into the NICU in 2 minutes or less from birth.

I am sure that all of our local hospitals in the area have wonderful facilities for your typical birth. And, most of the time, that is all you need. Unfortunately, many babies are born everyday who are expected to do well and thrive, yet for various reasons, need serious medical attention in order to survive. Why wouldnt you plan to have your baby at a hosptial with the highest level of NICU care availiable? This is why we decided to promote this wonderful NICU. (Ok, I will get off my soapbox now!)

As I sit here and type, Jen is working on our new project that we are anxious to annouce later this week. We are so excited to tell you about how much revenue you have all helped to generate just by coming to our blog over the past few months, and how we plan to spend it on this new, NICU related project.

Brad, Jen, Henry, Brooks, Clark, and Isaac

(PS More NICU and birth video is coming soon, stay tuned!!)

5 thoughts on "Why St. Vincent’s? (Exclusive Birth Video!)"

  1. Amanda says:

    I work for St. Vincent and have always loved the care I have gotten there…not just as an associate, but as a patient as well. I am currently pregnant with our 2nd child and I will get to deliver at Women’s and I am so excited about that (Women’s didn’t exist quite yet when I had my first). You all made a wonderful decision in hospitals.

    And I finally got to see your commercial on live TV–it was awesome!!!!

  2. Sarah Reaves says:

    I was reading Caeleigh’s bedtime story tonight and she says “Mom stop…Jen’s on TV!!!” She was so excited to see you. Sean even remarked how cool that was.

    And you both have got to quit dropping little hints…I can’t take the suspense…eager to hear about your NICU project!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have “only” momo-twins. Honestly I cannot believe how you manage it all: four boys and additionally TV-projects and a quite regular blog update !
    I barely cannot imagine every day life with four babies…
    The commercial is awesome, well done.
    momo-mom (Finland)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello Fellow Hoosiers! We just moved to Indianapolis (East Geist) and I found your blog through Suzanne whose blog I found through a friend I posted online at an infertility site (she’s a triplet mommy). I knew you guys were in Indiana and I knew what you looked like from reading your blog a while back. The other day I was watching TV and I saw the quads born at 32 weeks and thought – what are the odds! When you two appeared I said I know them. LOL Well, I “know” you via online! I’m a mommy to 2 beautiful girls and if you ever need anything – give me a shout via email and I’ll try and help. alishagarza@yahoo.com Or my blog is http://alishagarza1972.spaces.live.com/

  5. Anonymous says:

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