Comic Relief….

RSV has given us enough grief this week and we haven’t even contracted it (see our previous post)! With all the calling to insurance companies, doctor’s offices, emailing other parents of preemies, etc. we were ready for some comic relief. Thanks, Brooks, for “diving in” to help us out!

I am a mean father, I know, but when I looked up to see what Brooks was crying about, I almost fell over laughing. I had to run and get the camera before I helped him out!

P.S. Coming up this week we will be unveiling our new project mentioned previously. In fact, Jen hopes to deliver a package this weekend related to it! What could it be? Stay tuned……

8 thoughts on "Comic Relief…."

  1. poor guy! Sarah almost fell into the tub last night! She did a hand stand from the outside!! Check out our blog – we had ice cream last weekend! Thanks!

  2. Jennifer says:

    That is too cute. saw your blog through Suz’s… I am still worried about RSV and our twins are 2 now! We will pray that you won’t have any illnesses this clod and flu season!!! -Jen

  3. Anonymous says:

    Brad & Jen,

    I know lots of people have told you to appeal the insurance company about the shots. My mom works in the pediatrics clinic at st. francis and they said for you guys to try to apply for medicad as a secondary insurance and have medicad approve the shots. Good luck with it! By the way we LOVE the halloween costumes, Matt thought they were hilarious!
    Shannon Morgan

  4. Anonymous says:

    hahahahhaha brad you are sooo mean lol hahah thats awesome tho lol `sioby

  5. Brooks has the cutest little feet! They sure are mobile now, aren’t they? You are a great father, because one day he will be able to get a kick out of this video, too. Precious and funny.

  6. Suzanne says:

    oh my gosh! laughing so hard right now! poor little baby! tooooo funny…

  7. Gen McNulty says:

    Hey! I just left Suz a note on her blog re:RSV. I just want you to know that your are so not alone!!! We went through this last year and it was a nightmare!!! We had the synagis shots and I isolated my four ALL winter long. At the end of the season (despite my efforts) Russ got the dreaded RSV and ended up in the hospital.. I broke my heart. He had to go back on oxygen and was a very sick little boy. You are so smart to educate people about this scary virus.

    Hang in there.. time will fly by and the spring will be here before you know it!!

    This year we are doing great and don’t have to lock ourselves in… no shots either!!! I promise it get’s better!!!

    Email me if you need any help with the cabin fever!!!

    XOXO Gen and Family

  8. Darren Rowse says:

    hehe – I have a very similar vid of our little one 🙂

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