NICU Survival Kits: Part I

A couple weeks ago, we mentioned that we have a new project in the works which you, our faithful blog readers, have been contributing to without your knowledge. What you did not know is that you have been contributing money, real dollars and cents, to our new project since this summer!

You may have noticed that our blog started running advertisements earlier this year. We hope that these advertisements have not been too much of a bother, but I think you will be pleased with the results.

Everyday, as you log on to 4tunate to see what our little rascals have been up to, our advertisers (ie: Google Adsense and BlogHer) are keeping track of how many hits our site is getting. (By the way, we just reached 100,000 page views since June – UNBELIEVABLE! Who knew? Thanks for visiting!) As a result of these page views and clicks on their ads, they pay us for hosting them on our blog. As the weeks and months have gone by, this money has slowly accumulated to a point that we were finally able to fund the start of our project, “NICU Survival Kits“.

We are really excited about this opportunity; getting people on board, reaching others with our story, being able to encourage other parents that are faced with the uncertainty of the NICU, and where it may all lead. Right now, for a variety of reasons (time, funds, resources, etc.) it’s still in the “preemie stages”. However, we have already delivered 3 kits!

There’s sooooo much to tell you about, but it would be too long of a post, and besides my Colts are getting embarrassed and need me….

Coming soon:

  • What’s in the NICU Kit?
  • Who’s received a NICU Kit?
  • What’s next?

Sooooo what are your initial thoughts? We’d love your input!