NICU Survival Kits: Part II

Our preemie Brooks

We are thrilled with your enthusiasm in our NICU Survival Kit project! Thank you for your emails and comments of support! We hope to get many of you on board with this project and look forward to your involvement and ideas.

Our recipients thus far have been: Suzanne Steece (mama of quads), Joy Larkin (mama of triplets born last Wednesday), and Manna Manley (mama of quintuplets). I’ve met these precious moms through connections with other friends and through our blog. It’s amazing the bond you can have almost instantly with other moms that have experienced the joys and fears of high order multiple pregnancies/births. I’m so blessed to know these women and be a part of their lives! (Suz – we will meet in person one day, I’m sure of it!)

Over the Thanksgiving weekend I was able to meet the “Many Manley’s”, who would appreciate your continued prayers for their 5 miracles, who remain in the NICU at this time. Experiencing the NICU once again brought a sense of relief to be on the other side. However, I do miss the daily “wowness” of preemies. It’s absolutely astonishing to see a baby born so early and so tiny – yet fully and beautifully formed. This is where our passion for this project lies!

Here’s some reactions to our kits so far:

“Jen gave me the most incredible NICU survival kit, including cameras to put next to each girl’s bed so that the nurses can snap pictures, blankets, an awesome book titled “On the Night You Were Born”, and a few other items that she said really helped her through their time in the NICU…..Your visit today truly uplifted me and made me so excited to be a mother of multiples!”
– Joy Larkin (mommy to Sloan, Hayden, and Campbell born at 33wks 6 days)

“My pregnancy was not a normal singleton pregnancy. Carrying quadruplets was terrifying and I had no idea what to expect. I met a couple who had just delivered four, beautiful, healthy quads from Indiana. Brad and Jen were a source of strength and wisdom and continuously encouraged my husband and me on a daily basis throughout my pregnancy. When I was placed in the hospital on bed rest, my fears began to multiply…”What is going to happen? What should I expect? What is life going to be like once my babies are in the NICU fighting for their lives?”…
About that time, I received the most incredible surprise package from my good friends across the states…A “NICU SURVIVAL KIT”! This kit was fully equipped with everything I needed to survive the NICU! The kit included things such as: hand-crafted name tags to put on the babies’ isolettes; disposable cameras to keep at the babies’ bedside for those precious, priceless moments I might miss while away; snacks and quarters for vending machines for those long days up at the hospital; lotion for our dry, cracked hands from all the vigorous hand-washing to enter the NICU…and more! The kit was invaluable…and not just the items inside, but the fact that I knew I had someone I could count on for support, every step of the way. I immediately felt a billion times better after receiving the package and come to find out…every single item in the kit was used!
Thanks Brad and Jen for your ongoing encouragement and thoughtfulness, especially during one of the scariest times of our lives! We truly appreciate your incredible NICU SURVIVAL KIT, but more importantly, your friendship!”
-Joe and Suz Steece (parents to Ethan, Andrew, Savannah, and Benjamin Steece born at 30 wks. 1 day)

Hope this is only the beginning of beautiful friendships and friendships to come! We are definately in the research “preemie stages” for this project. If you have ideas or resources you think would be beneficial do leave us a comment! (Oh, and great job contributing via the ads!)