What Fall Means To Us….

Henry likin‘ the yellow leaves

Our 1st trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Hiking in the Runabout at Eagle Creek

Brooks and Clark in the trees

Isaac overlooking Eagle Creek Reservoir

The last few weekends we’ve been able to soak up God’s creation and enjoy an Indiana Fall. A photography blog I enjoy recently posted pictures from readers on “What Fall Means To You”. You can see some beautiful pictures (including our family in picture “F”) by clicking on the link.

Go to her blog and vote on your favorite picture!


With all the Christmas decorations going up in a Wal-mart near you, I wanted to post this to show how we are celebrating this season. Fall takes a new meaning for us this year – enjoying some of the traditional along with new joys.

Here’s some things of fall that we have grown (or are growing) to love. Please post a comment on What Fall Means to YOU!

  • Warm Apple Cider
  • 4 Little Pumpkins on our Front Walk
  • Soup of the Week
  • Bundling up 6 of us for an evening walk
  • Squash (in processed form!)
  • Colt’s Football with the whole Blue Crew

8 thoughts on "What Fall Means To Us…."

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jen,

    Great pics! Fall means to me deep blue skies without any clouds, beautiful colors of fall leaves. And on a warm fall day, it means playing outside with the kids without having to bundle them up! We also love taking the kids out to Stoney Creek Farm in Noblesville while Dave is off on Fall Break.

    God bless,
    Amanda S

  2. Fall means LOTS of trips to the local apple orchard…hay rides…caramel apples! yum!…blue jeans and long sleeves…beautiful fall leaves…seeing and experiencing all the wonderful things about fall for the first time again – through my babies’ eyes!

  3. Suzanne says:

    fall is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year! things i LOVE: the smell of the crisp, cool, fall air…cooking with pumpkin… pumpkin/cinnamon candles… friday night lights… college football saturdays… the changing leaves… perfect weather… cuddling up to a fire and a good movie with my hubby and babies!

  4. Cheryl Lage says:

    You know, Fall had to grow on me!
    I used to revel in the extremes…very pro-summer and pro-winter and spring and fall just felt namby-pamby…no more!

    Fall’s colors and crispness have entirely won me over! Plus trekking behind my twin kindergarteners as we walk to school (scratch that, stomp through the crunchy leaves) each morning is a joy I treasure. Especially when my little sprinters walk back to share a stunningly colored leaf or two…

    I’m guessing your little leaf jumpers will bring you glee exponentially, Jen!

  5. Laura says:

    I love seeing you getting out and enjoying life with those four wonderful boys! Cute pics.

  6. dwhite2 says:

    Fall Means — NO MORE MOWING – anyway I keep thinking that and each time clean my mower for the winter, and then a dash of Summer returns to make my grass grow again, so I get back out and mow again and chomp and bag the leaves up and then clean the mower again and wonder if that’s the last time…:)Butttt – then comes the snow shovel – so I think I’d rather clean off the mower – haha! Anyway – – – adorable pictures again – – do you just ask people off of the street to get the whole family or what? Surely you don’t carry along a tripod with everything else you have? haha!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Gramma Murray loves fall because she gets to see beautiful pictures of her boys and they make her smile and feel all warm and cozy. Thanks for sharing. Love you, Gramma and Grampa!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    What fall means to me…

    1) Apple Cider
    2) Harvest Moons
    3) Beautiful Weather
    4)bundling up with a warm fire and a book!
    God bless you all!

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