Baby It’s Cold Outside….

We’re snowed in here in Indy. Lots of snow, ice, and wind…so to coincide with the forecast we’ll share a snip-it of our 1st Annual Murray Crew Christmas Card! I’m going to give the mailman a few more days to deliver our Christmas cards to our abbreviated list until we post it in its entirety with you. Besides, you all love the suspense! Please understand that we wish we could mail one to each of you, but due to time and funds we had to make our list super small. We hope the blog is an ongoing “newsletter” that you get to be a part of….
Brad and I spent a couple of late nights teaming up to put this all together and we’re excited to share….Soon, my friends, soon!

4 thoughts on "Baby It’s Cold Outside…."

  1. Christine says:

    I’ve been checking and will keep doing so. I myself haven’t sent out my family picture — I haven’t taken just the right one, kwim. Anyway, I cheat and always buy cards that say something about the Holiday Season (to include New Year and they could get them after Christmas).

  2. Andria says:

    Well, I like it so far! 😉

  3. Sarah Reaves says:

    I got mine and I LOVED IT! I’ll call you to get together over break…Caeleigh is missing those babies!!!

  4. Annie Lesko (Brown) says:

    Your card is absolutely adorable. A few of us were admiring the “baby board” at school. A new teacher said, “Awe that is a cute baby.” I had to laugh when I corrected her and told her that the card had 4 babies on it! Your boys are beautiful!

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