Is it the Stripes or Do I Really Look This Big?

(Pictured from Left to Right: Clark, Henry, Isaac, and Brooks)

Has anyone seen our four little babies? Maybe it’s just the stripes making them look bigger. Perhaps if they had on vertical stripes they wouldn’t look so much like little boys.

A Few Updates on the Little Munchkins….

Henry – 4 Teeth, Loves to Shout “DaDa!” at Everything, Stands for about 4-5 Seconds before Realizing that He’s Standing Alone and Panics

Isaac – 2 Teeth, Suddenly is Motivated to Get Mobile, Loves To Clap when We Say “Yay”, Occasionally Teases Me with a “MaMa”, but Mostly Loves Yelling “BOB” (we just don’t know who Bob is)

Clark – 5 Teeth (Wow), Loves to Attack Whoever is Sitting on the Floor, Plays “So Big” with Mama and Daddy (He’s yet to show off for anyone else, so we end up looking like liars)

Brooks – 4 Teeth, aka Speedy because He Sprint Crawls, Super Observant (which keeps me on my toes)

For you math majors that brings our “Official Tooth Count” to 15! Now, that’s a mouth full!

1 Month Down, 5 to Go for no Rotten Stinky Virus (RSV)! We get the next round of shots on Thursday.

I think does it for the scoop on the Murray Crew……Keep on sending those great Christmas Traditions (see previous post). I’m getting a great list together that I look forward to sharing…..

14 thoughts on "Is it the Stripes or Do I Really Look This Big?"

  1. Anonymous says:

    HEY JEN!! Looks like I’m one of your LOYAL blog readers!!! LOL I can’t help but take a look at it daily!!! Those babies sure are PRECIOUS!!! Unbelieveable how big they are getting!! How sweet!-Sioby

  2. Anonymous says:

    I thought of another one. Tradition I mean. Looking at your Christmas tree made me remember. When we had little ones I would put bells at the bottom of the tree. If they were ringing it was a sure bet the munchkins were into the tree. I still put them there because of the dog and the little ones I babysit.
    Lynn S.

  3. Jamy says:

    Those bells are a great idea! I might need to add them to my tree this year so I know when my daughter is inspecting it :)…

  4. WHAT!! they are growing up too fast. they sure are precious though. i can’t wait to get them together with Claire over Christmas break. i hope we can get their first christmas pictures taken while we’re in town. love ya!


  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the lovely picture and the updates, it’s lovely to see how they are getting on. Perhaps Isaac is psychic and has a friend called Bob that no-one else can see!

    Best wishes to you all.
    Lynne, UK

  6. None says:

    Oh! Meant to tell you! I introduced myself to Isaac as “Bob” when he met me (childhood nickname from long ago), so he’s just requesting MY presence again! 😉

    Tell him I’d love to come see him soon, but want to make sure that my house is “germ free” before I do. It’s so sweet of him to remember me… 😉

  7. Anonymous says:

    I cracked up about Isaac yelling BOB. I have twins and my daughter used to yell BOBBY all the time. We don’t know any Bob’s either! Thanks for the giggle!


  8. Okay,

    I have secretly lurked long enough. I found your blog through ramblings of a redneck woman. Your little boys are absolutely adorable. I am a mother of twin sons who are 36 years old now. I thought I was busy back then. I just have a love of multiples and I so appreciate the work involved. I also hung bells on the tree as an “Alarm” and it worked. I just cracked up at Isaac yelling “Bob”. That is so classic. I have a grandson Isaac who is 2 1/2 and a new granddaughter(his sister) Hannah just born Dec.3rd. I have to tell you that it is easier being grandma than being mommy!! Someday you will see this to be true:) Enjoy these little lovebugs because they grow up so fast and before you know it, they are driving and you get to teach them. I went nutts with two!
    These videos you post are priceless and make my day. You are so blessed with these 4 little boys as I am sure you realize each day.

    Laurie in Ca.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Love the pic!! Love the boys! C-mas tradtion: I use codes on the package name tags. Different code every year. That way they aren’t sure which gift is for which kiddo. They have to crack the code before C-mas day so they know which boxes to open. It keeps them guessing!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    My cousin used to call grandma “banka”. No idea where that came from but we all thought it was great.

  11. My daughter used to say “Bob” all the time when she was younger. She would always say it when looking at her binky. To this day her binky is still known as “bob”

  12. Adorable boys you have! Adorable.

    My sons first word and Easter Dinner was Bob. LOL. What is with Bob?

  13. Anonymous says:

    I have twin ID boys and this will be their 3rd Christmas. I just know your boys will be as excited about everything on their 3rd. It is sooooo cool to watch and listen to them. They helped with the lights inside and out and say WOW! as we drive home (at night) and look down streets. They have never been into watching shows or movies at all — but now suddenly watch every single Christmas special. We do all the same traditions sorta: pjs sometimes get wet and have to be changed before morning pictures, we do cupcakes for Jesus birthday, we have 2 trees (1 big with new ornaments every year) one smaller in their playroom (that they make ornaments every year for). Maybe just their handprints cut out with added glitter.
    I love your blog. My boys are currently on

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