NICU Survival Kits: Part III (If you are still counting)

I’ve been hit with several emails from many of you around the country about our NICU Survival Kits (See Part I and Part II to get on board). I’m so excited to hear that some of you want to contribute, or better yet want to start your own NICU Survival Kits in your neck of the woods! Way to Pay It Forward, Fellow Bloggers! Today I want to discuss the contents of the kit.

Here’s some things that have been included so far in the kits…..

*On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tilman – I am HOOKED on this book! I’ve bought a total of 5 copies now for the kits, a few baby showers, and finally one for my boys. It’s illustrated and written so beautifully and I especially like it for preemies/multiples. Highly, highly recommend! (If anyone knows Nancy or the publisher, Feiwel & Friends, or perhaps the CEO of Amazon that could give me a discount for the cause – definitely give me a call!) PS I call dibs for future baby showers!

*Preemie Blankets – Thanks to Tami for volunteering to make these!!!! They are beautiful! (We could eventually use another knitter/crocheter/fleece cutter as demand for Kits goes up – so let me know if you’re a crafter)

*Lip Balm and Lotion – you have to wash your hands all day long at the NICU, even between each baby, which leads to dry chapped skin. Alcohol gel really starts burning! Eeeeowwwch!

*Disposable Cameras – One for each isolette, This way the nurses can snap a precious moment if you are away; It’s very difficult to leave you babies every night, especially as you watch moms all around you being wheeled out with their full-term newborns on their laps, so I think knowing that your leaving your nurse with a camera helps to know that you won’t miss everything. (Kodak, give me a call as well!) =)

*Snacks and Change for the Vending Machine – For the long hours and to hold ya over until shift change

*Name Tags for the Isolettes – Makes it personal and cheery. I have several of these pre-made and ready to go… Here’s a pic of me putting these together

*Journal – also to keep at the isolettes to record updates, notes to nurses, latest weights, thoughts, etc. It’s info overload – so writing things down helps you make sense out of it later!

Okay so here’s YOUR big part! Ready – who’s in? Your mission is to make these kits even better! Do some brainstorming, talk to other preemie moms and get their input, think creatively, and leave me a comment (or send an email) with your great ideas! Or do you have an ability that we could put to use for our project??? It’s a community effort! ‘Tis the SEASON!!!

(Don’t forget you are already contributing just by visiting our blog – so pass our blog along to others!!!)