Back in June (a lifetime ago) my friend Michelle Harrod gave me this great site, Babycheapskate, and it’s been saving me money ever since. It was featured in the July issue of Parents Magazine and has earned a great reputation for saving money on everything baby. Many of you will recall this site from our post in August, “God Always Provides…Sometimes through Coupons“, where Brad and I (and a few comrades) were able to buy 513 jars of baby food for just over $10 (unbelievable)! Well, Angie, the Babycheapskate herself asked me to write a guest post on saving money with multiples. I was honored! Anyway, I know many of you already frequent her site, but I had to plug my little article! (You may need to scroll down, because she posts frequent updates on the best deals!)

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  1. Rachel says:

    Congratulations! This is great news! And such great advice to parents!

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