Top 5 Christmas Traditions to Be Shared

Welcome back!!! Many of you are buried up to your elbows in tissue paper, 13 lbs heavier, and contemplating what to do with the life-size stuffed pony that Aunt Beth thought would be so appropriate for your little cowboy – but we’re glad you’re back to checking out the Murray Crew!!!

In all seriousness, I hope this post-Christmas you aren’t experiencing the blues, but you are filled with a renewed love for Christ and His goodness. It’s so common to try to satisfy ourselves with things during this season, but things leave us empty. I read a great quote on my dear friend Gretchen’s blog a few weeks ago that I find appropriate today,

“Take the Christmas season, for instance. Every holiday I can be drawn to all things Christmassy–the shopping, buying gifts, wrapping presents, decorating the tree, baking holiday treats, attending parties and celebrations. Of course these things are not wrong in and of themselves. They can be delightful gifts from God. But I can be tempted to desire them more than the most important thing–regardless of the season: sitting at the Lord’s feet (Luke 10:38-41). And then I wonder why my heart feels so dull come December 26th. This holiday I don’t want my soul stuffed only with decorations, shopping, and Christmas cookies. I want to make every effort to drink deeply of God’s presence so my soul will be truly satisfied.” -Carolyn Mahaney

I encourage you to take some time to reflect on your Christmas and how you were able to celebrate the birth of our Savior. That’s why I saved my traditions post (well, that AND because it took me so long to narrow down my favorites). It’s not too early to plan for next year and it’s not too late to continue celebrating!!!!!

Here’s my Top 5 Favorite Christmas Traditions that YOU Shared!!!

1. I’ve heard others recommend only giving 3 presents to represent the 3 gifts brought to Jesus by the magi, but ahenfelters had a great way of giving this idea even more meaning
Gold – a gift that is truly desired
Frankincense – a gift for the body (lotion, clothing, jewelry, etc.)
Myrrh – something to improve your spiritual walk

2. Jo suggests after you’ve put the tree and decorations away for the year to leave out the basket of Christmas cards and pick a card each night to pray over the individual or family who sent the card.

3. A few of you suggested acting out the nativity or having your own Christmas Eve service if you can’t make it to your local church service. I think this is one we’ll have to incorporate in the near future – 6 people could make up a pretty good cast of sheperds, donkeys, wisemen, etc.

(and 2 other “delightful gifts”…..)

4. Many of you know how much I LOVE children’s books. Lori’s idea is to collect 24 Christmas/winter books from rummage sales,your local library, or your own collection to use as a nightly reading countdown for December.

5. Amy R made a tree skirt and puts her kids handprints on it each year, so they can look back each year and see how tiny their hands used to be. (Evidently Amy R is much more crafty than I, but it’s a great idea!)
Need more ideas? Check out the comments from this post or these great reads: The Miracle of Christmas by John MacArther, Treasuring God in Our Traditions by Noel and John Piper, and Celebrating a Christ-Centered Christmas: Ideas from A-Z by Sharon Jaynes.

6 thoughts on "Top 5 Christmas Traditions to Be Shared"

  1. What great ideas and traditions! I especially love the one with the books – we read at least one book every night to the kids (as a teacher and mom – I’m a book addict!) and I LOVE that my little Sarah is starting to initiate this – she’ll grab a book (her favorite is lift the flap books) and crawl into our lap. Think of the many Christmas seasons to come to celebrate with these wonderful ideas!

  2. Emily says:

    Those really are some great traditions! After each one I would think “Oh that is the best tradition!” not realizing that the next one was about to top it! 🙂

  3. JAMIE'S CREW says:

    I found your blog throught the Steece quads.

    would like to recommend a special holiday book I found out about this Christmas season. At church, none the less. It is called “The Homeless Christmas Tree” You can Google it. Barnes and Noble should have it too. It is a book based on a true story from Fort Worth. The author and illustrator are both from Fort Worth too. The story is wonderful, and the illustrations are really special.

    I have a set of twins, and a single (nearly 14). My twins will be 8 years old New Years Day. They were born 1-1-2000 at 18 and 19 minutes after midnight.

    I have watched yours and Suz’s blogs with fascination. You all are very special!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Kate says:

    Thanks for this post! What a great collection of Christmas tradition ideas!



    OHHHHHHHHH!I made it on your blog!!:)(even though the name is spelled wrong:)I am proud!Your boys are getting so big and are SO cute!Just wanted to say Thanks!


    I was rereading my comment and just wanted to say I am not AT ALL offended that you spelled it wrong….everybody does(even me sometimes,even after 8 years of marriage),it’s not an easy name!:)It kinda sounded lke I was miffed, but I’m not!:)Just so you know..

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