Visions of Sugar-Plums…

“The children were nestled all snug in their beds,While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads”

Clement Moore

must have had this vision in his mind when he wrote “A Visit From St. Nicholas” or more commonly “Twas The Night Before Christmas“. He’s got a great middle name, he just spells it wrong -Clarke! There’s some Christmas trivia for your next holiday party, courtesy of the quatro mama!

I can hardly believe these little “wombmates” are still “cribmates” at 10 1/2 months! They just love being together! People keep asking when we’re going to separate them (Brooks and Clark) and I guess the answer is, “When it doesn’t work anymore.”. I mean, who could ask for more? – They sleep 12 hours at night, take good naps, and are just sooooo precious all curled up beside each other! After my post on co-bedding I had several comments and conversations with other moms of multiples about how they co-bedded until one day they started climbing on top of each other. Clark doesn’t seem to mind….

So until it quits working, we’ll savor these moments. Besides, it’s one less crib sheet and mattress cover to change (one of my least favorite chores) and wash!

25 thoughts on "Visions of Sugar-Plums…"

  1. Crystal says:

    That is adorable!!

  2. Andria says:

    I think that’s precious! No need to move the bed buddies. They like each other’s comfort, and one keeps the other warm I’m sure! I’m amazed at how you capture these moments on camera. Love ’em!

  3. Denise says:

    That is just precious. Now didn’t you separate the other two boys?

  4. My Goodness says:

    Simply precious!!! They are so cute sleeping together…there probably won’t be a problem until one brother wakes up and says ‘Hey, that’s MY thumb you’ve got there!!’ 🙂

    Merry Chrismtas to your sweet family!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing those precious snuggling pics…now if that doesn’t warm your heart you really must be the Grinch! I have enjoyed my visits with the boys. Merry Christmas to the whole Murray gang!

    Kathy Hacker

  6. michelle harrod says:

    I completely agree about changing crib sheets!! It IS just about the worst…after emptying the diaper genie. ha! We stopped using it with Caroline and didn’t even bring it out when we had Grayson. So now, changing crib sheets is my number 1 pain!

    I’m really happy that babycheapskate is turning out to be so helpful for you. I love it. Grayson is still eating apples/chicken and sweetpotato/turkey that we got for 2 cents. Is any of your still hanging around?? I guess it goes faster when there are 4 little mouths. Plus, Grayson would rather eat goldfish crackers and cheerios.

    cute pictures!!
    Michelle Harrod

  7. So adorable! Now if my daughter crawled on her brother..we’d probably be ok…but if he crawled on top of her..the whole neighborhood would know! Now if they even are too close in their pack and plays together – they just play and giggle…check out this post:

  8. Laura says:

    That is so adorable. I have found my thumb/finger suckers to be very good sleepers, self soothing is awesome. Love these photos. Cuties!

  9. Anonymous says:

    that is just the sweetest thing ever!

  10. Anna says:

    I love it! That is so cute and sweet. The last picture made me laugh so hard! Kids can sleep in the craziest positions. My son sleeps sitting up leaning back on his crib sometimes.

  11. Kelly says:

    So sweet. What about the other two? Do they share a crib also?

  12. Katrine says:

    Those are the sweetest pictures ever!

  13. Lady Why says:

    Those are the most precious pictures!!! I just love to visit your blog and see these sweet babies!!!

  14. Melissa Halford says:

    That is so sweet! My two had to stop sleeping together at 4 months because sis kept waking her brother up at night. Once we separated them the were out all night! I can’t wait til the day they cuddle up again together. I miss those days!

  15. mrsvanoven says:

    That is SO cute!

    I’m an avid lurker, so I may as well introduce myself! I found your site through the Steece’s site, which was given to me by one of their friends on my Xanga! Phew! Did you get all that?!?!

    Imagine my SHOCK when I just saw your family on my TV…I don’t know why I never caught you live in Indy!

    My husband and I have a son, Nicholas, who is just about your kiddos’ age, a 4 year old daughter!

    I have a Xanga, it’s protected, but you can check it out to “see” me if you’d like! 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great day! Your kids are adorable!!

  16. Suzanne says:

    oh my gosh…they are so precious…they look like little angels! love you!

  17. That is so precious. How cute. 🙂

  18. This brings back such sweet memories. My twins slept in the same crib until they were over a year old. I put them down at opposite ends and somewhere in the night, they gravitated to each other just like this. We lived in a studio appt. and only had room for l crib right next to our bed. This was 36 years ago and it looks like it still works to this day. Good for you!!! If it works so good, don’t break it.

    Laurie in Ca.

  19. Thanks for these sweet pics. i just want to come over there right now and hug them! Jen, your boys are already best friends. I hope they forever stay that way. After i opened your christmas card today, i handed it to claire. She looked at it and laughed and said, “baby”…her favorite word these days. Hope to see you soon!


  20. JAMIE'S CREW says:

    So many family and friends have good intentions with their suggestions to separate your babies. But I agree with the majority – don’t try to FIX it when it ain’t broke. In the olden days – siblings were often forced to share beds. Houses were much smaller – think Little House on the Prairie. I have a friend with quads now 10 yrs. old and the last time I visited, the girls shared a bed and the boys shared a bed. I say KUDO’s to you for doing what is obviously right for your family!

  21. Kiley says:


    That is absolutely precious. Thanks for sharing such a sweet vision!

  22. Jen – Thanks for your comment on our blog – I haven’t been getting your emails. Checked my junk mail folder and they aren’t there either. I thought maybe you weren’t getting mine! 🙂 Can you try to send again?

  23. Krissy says:

    What cool pictures!

    Hey, I was wondering if you knew of this family…

    They are in the NICU with triplets right now…and I remembered that you were doing the NICU survival kit thing…I would be happy to finance that, if there was any way to get a kit to them…

    Please contact me at:

    I know you are super busy, and even more so with Christmas just 9 days away, so if this doesn’t work, I understand completely.

    Your boys look wonderful and healthy and loved.

    Thank you!

  24. Table4Five says:

    I saw your post on the 2007 Performancing Awards blog post, and I just had to come by to read about your quads. And now I see these photos, and OH! How cute is that, that one is sleeping directly on top of the other? SO CUTE! I’m so glad I stopped by!

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