I’m Officially a Mom to Little Boys…

I’m a proud mama to Little Boys. It’s bittersweet. I can’t believe how much it changed their little looks…..they look like the most handsome little men, though…..

Can I boast just a bit and tell you how good they were for their haircuts? They sat there so sweet and were so patient and played with their special fish cape, while our dear friend Phyllis snipped away!
Before and After Pictures will be posted soon. I was proud of myself for remembering to take video and pictures of each of them. It’s a challenge to remember ALL 4 during milestone moments!
I’m off to my Physical Therapy appointment. Yep, PT for me……(that’s a blog post in its self), but I hope to find some “blog time” when I return to show off my little handsome fellas.
Holding Back My Tears,

PS Feeding Table = Great 1st Haircut Chairs!

PSS Quadruplets = LOTS of hair clean-up!!!!!

5 thoughts on "I’m Officially a Mom to Little Boys…"

  1. Suzanne says:

    oh my goodness! your little MEN! i can’t WAIT to see the pics!!! and what is this about PT? if i had to guess, i would say it is your back? oh woman! write when you can!! good luck this week! i keep thinking about yall and getting excited for you! 😉

  2. Jenny B says:

    I’m so excited too! My Baron has this really long strip of hair that never fell out like the rest…so now that the rest is growing back in it looks soooo funny but i just can’t make myself cut it! it’s like 2 or 3 inches long…eventually….i can’t wait to see pics either! i meant to ask you..how do you like your feeding table?? i’ve been thinking about getting one maybe. worth the money??

  3. Gretchen says:

    Jen, I can’t believe how quickly the year has gone! I saw Jaime Z tonight — she is a doll and a half. If only I had the style she’s got in her little finger.

    Can’t wait to see hair cut pics!

    You’d think in a year I would have come to hang out! 🙂

  4. Suz – Back, Pelvis, S/I, Transabdominal Separation, Scar Tissue, etc. One Year Later and a Body to Proove that it’s Been Through the WAR! I’ll email soon…

    Jenny – The Feeding Table is BY FAR the BEST multiples product we have – Get one! It’s so worth your $$$ and then you can sell it to a daycare/church when you’re through….You’re kiddos are growing up so quickly too. Seems Like I just read your delivery post! WOW!

    Gret – Well, then Get ON UP Here, Woman!

  5. ~Amber~ says:

    That’s awesome that they were so good! Victoria was 16 months old for her first haircut and she screamed thru the whole thing. It was traumatizing for all of us. Can’t wait to see pics!

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