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Thanks for sharing all your money saving ideas and your personal recommendations on our last post. We’re up to almost 50 comments showing that you truly are passionate diaper enthusiast! I hate to end all the great diaper dialogue, but I wanted to post some recent video highlights.

The first video is proof that I’m not a big fat liar. =) I mentioned a few posts ago about how Clark was doing “So Big” for Brad and I, but looks at us like we are crazy fools when I ask him in front of anyone else…Caught on camera!!!

The second is Henry up to his usual mischief. When we revamped the guest room/office into the playroom we gated off the “leftovers” (desk-top computer, vacuum, desk, office equipment, and such) until we had a chance to find a place for it. Henry decided it was high time for us to find a new home for it all. How he fits his big head in a 2″ gap is beyond me! Move over, Curious George – Here comes Henry!

Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about the other quad buddies (Brooks and Isaac). I just didn’t have any recent footage, but if you’re dying to see them in action you can click here to re-watch these great Quad Cam Moments.

Speaking of watching…..Gotta cheer on our Indianapolis Colts Sunday as they stomp the San Diego Chargers in the playoffs. Go Horse!

8 thoughts on "Quad Cam"

  1. GibsonTwins says:

    Now that Clark knows “so big”, you can easily get him to do “all gone”. I am always trying to teach my twins tricks like they are pets or something – what else do I have to do all day afterall?! Love the videos, I can’t believe how Henry got beyond the gate, that is too cute!

  2. They are so cute. That is so funny that Henry got through the gate…..there’s no end to the possibilities of what little boys can find to get in to (or get out of). 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh my gosh – – after a very busy and hectic work week, I’m always anxious to check in with the Blue Crew to get the latest news clips. This was precious…and so funny. So much for the baby gates doing their job – huh? Maybe you could get a refund on them with this video clip. ? ha! They are just too adorable – – and almost a birthday in the works….how exciting! 4 cakes -right? 🙂 and 4 people standing by with the water hose to hose them down afterwards. haha! Have a great weekend – looking forward to the next clips. Love Aunt Dar Dar 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    oh wait – – now that I think about it – if the computer was back behind the gate – he was probably trying to get back there to send me an e-mail!! 🙂 Aunt Dar Dar

  5. Suzanne says:

    o my gosh…that was tooo funny! soooo big! and little henry houdini…


    got to meet casey gerwer (quad mom in dallas) on hospital bedrest today…awesome gal!

  6. Great game, Murrays! However, looks like our Chargers did most of the stomping today! GO BOLTS! Now I request that you say a little prayer that we do well against the Patriots! We are thanking Jesus for our win as I type!

    Blessings from San Diego,
    The White Family

  7. Anonymous says:

    Too funny! And were those Wookies I heard in the background?


  8. Anonymous says:

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