Tornados in January????

I’ve yet to post the haircut pics, but I have a great excuse…(No, the quads did not eat my camera.)

Tornado in Indiana in January!!!! NUTS!

I was enjoying a quiet meal at Arby’s when Brad interrupted my bite of Beef ‘n Cheddar by calling me on the cell. He asks where I am and informs me that we are under Tornado Warning, in which I replied, “WHAT????!!!” It was headed my way in five minutes. Not sure if your nearest Arby’s is made of glass, but I’m thinking it wouldn’t be the safest place to be in the event of a twister. I jump in the car and quickly head for the Jones’ house, which was about 5 minutes away and hope they are home….Brad lets me go so he can “heard” up the boys into our bedroom closet. (Explain to me again why they don’t build every house in Indiana with a basement?)

To condense the story…we are all safe and sound. We rode out quite a storm at the Jones’ with wind gust of 80 mph (not sure if there was a tornado touchdown or not). When I left their house – their 2 story playset was in shambles and Jayson was picking up debris in his yard from a neighborhood over….

I came home to firetrucks and emergency vehicles blocking our main road because a chimney had been blown off our neighbor’s home. There was a layer of leftover hail remnants on the sidewalk, but within the hour it was covered with SNOW!

Needless to say, with all the excitement I did not get the pictures posted, but I hope to have a much calmer afternoon to download some sweet pictures of my gentlemen.

4 thoughts on "Tornados in January????"

  1. Praising God that you are all safe! I am just itching to see the pics, though! My little man just got his first haircut this past weekend, too. I keep looking at him and asking myself where my little baby went!

  2. Darla says:

    I (in Champaign, IL) had that lovely weather to deal with last night – I was quite entertaining in the WalMart parking lot grabbing a run away cart and then running with it to grab another one – and then trying to run in the store with a cart pulling me in circles – yes – it was quite amusing! I made it in the door-and of course laughing with noone there even watching – so looking at me like I was crazy or something! haha! Glad you are all safe – tonight and tomorrow calls for even more excitement with 6 to 8 inches of snow. 🙁 anyway – – I’m anxious to see the new little men!!! It is amazing at how just cutting a few little stray hairs can change a baby boy into a little man. 🙂 I’m sure they are just as handsome as can be. Stay warm and enjoy many more firsts – -Happy early b-day to the Murry Groundhogs. 🙂

  3. Jenny B says:

    yes we are so thankful for our cold but safe basement. I’m telling ya Indiana has the STRANGEST weather sometimes! i’m glad you all are safe. we had the tornadoes and winds too and unfortunately i was by myself with the 4 of them…i sat and debated for about 5 mins if i was starting to overreact about how bad it was going to get.should i take them to the basement or not. i thought maybe there’s a chance it won’t come to our neighborhood–yeah right!. It’s a lot of work to get the 4 of them and the 14 lb cat and 16 lb dog down there. But i thought well we might as well hang out down there to be on the safe side before it really gets bad. we made it just in time before the downpour started and the horrible winds came. Thankfully daddy made it home in the nick of time too! i always have this silly backup plan if a tornado is all of a sudden in our area i’ll get a laundry basket and plop them in and make a run for the basement–because how do you choose who to take first and who to leave?! hopefully that will never happen:)
    looking at them while we were hanging out in the basement i thought wonderful it must feel to be completely unaware of all the danger and scary stuff. such trust and innocence. i love it!
    well now that i’ve said my 2 cents…can’t wait to see the pictures!

  4. Devin says:


    We (around Danville, IL) had about the same weather here last night–and I was slightly freaked out as well (no basement here, either!)

    Glad you all made it thru okay (and a break at ARBY’s? Good for you!) and I can’t wait to see haircut pics!

    My Ethan turns one tomorrow, so I am putting up some birth pics of him too. I’ve been looking back on some of yours in the last few days, and it is amazing to see how far the boys have come. The more I read your blog, them more I find out how much we have in common!

    Love the story, as usual!
    Devin in Illinois

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