Better Together….

I’m absolutely in LOVE with our professional shots. Megan did such an awesome job capturing not only the memory of turning ONE, but our little guys’ personalities too. I really encourage you guys to check out her website that showcases her fabulous talent, (For all you brides-2-B, she does AWESOME wedding photography too!) Check out this one or these if you haven’t seen ’em, since they are equally as awesome. Thank you, Meg, for capturing such an awesome milestone! Definitely a day I will not forget!

I honestly COULD NOT pick out a handful of favorites, so I just HAD to make a short video so that I could share more with you! Perhaps it will be an Oscar nominee next year (unless I go on strike)! =) Enjoy!

27 thoughts on "Better Together…."

  1. Anna says:

    Your pictures are so cute! I love the one of the boys holding hands! What wonderful memories for your family.


    Such awesome pictures! Love it!

  3. Anonymous says:

    LOVE it!


  4. MaryBeth says:

    Just started reading your blog a week or so ago… I’m hooked already! Love these photos, they are precious!!

  5. Lindsey says:

    I’ve never met you, but I’m so happy for you that your family has been blessed with those dear little men. Loved the pictures.

  6. I LOVE the pictures!! They are so good…I love the one where they are holding hands…so precious. They are such handsome boys.

  7. Mama Bear NJ says:

    O M G! She is one talented photographer! I love the candid shot! The baby on the far left in Jen’s arms looks like spitting image of his Daddy! hehe. I just can’t get over how wonderful these photos are. I only wish I could afford something like that for my kids. If you don’t mind me asking, about how much did she charge for her services? And, did she come up with the poses herself or did you? I LOVE THEM ALL!!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Heather says:

    Loving the new photos! I came across your blog from some other blog and bookmarked it for when I had more time. I think I just spent at least 1.5 hours looking through old posts, pics, video. The boys are SO CUTE! And look so happy and healthy. And I was quite surprised to see Publicis listed as somewhere that gave you guys diapers. My husband works in the Dallas office.

  9. Gallagators says:

    What sweet pictures! Your boys are just precious!!

  10. Very sweet pictures! I like this one- just so youll never forget how much your hands were full when the boys were one:) Like you ever could right! The are beautiful! from 1-2 is such a cool time!!! Your gonna love all the new things they do and they WILL turn into toddlers right in front of your eyes (its crazy). Enjoy every second just as you always have.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Precious pictures, precious family! You two have definately been blessed! Does Henry have blue eyes? I love the pictures and the blogs. A friend in East Texas, Pam.

  12. Anonymous says:

    An the OSCAR for best family video goes to Jen Murray!! I know the photog did the snapping, but you put the pics together just beautifully, and after all you did carry the boys for a bit and have some input (genetically speaking) into how handsome and fabulous they are. I’ve already watched the video four times!! I wish I could make it my wallpaper at work!
    Hugs to everyone

  13. Harris Boys says:

    those are precious!! great pics and wonderful photographer! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  14. Rachael says:

    What incredible photographs! You have such a beautiful family!

  15. I love your professional pics. Your boys are too cute!!! I’m so excited about finding your site. My quads are a little over 2 months old. Its neat to hear from other quad moms. I can’t wait to find the time to really read up on your life and get some pointers. God is Good. We had two month pics done and they turned out really good too. If you have time be sure to check them out on our blog. Love, Jenn – momma of the herd.

  16. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing. (my fave is still the one with you and Brad smooching and the boys at the foot of the bed. Your photographer is truly talented!)

  17. Mrs. WIlson says:

    Wow. AMazing photography!

  18. April says:

    Once again you had me in tears with your awesome slide show and you pick the best music to go along with it.. You have the most precious family.

    April from Southaven, MS

  19. April says:

    Once again you had me in tears with your awesome slide show and you pick the best music to go along with it.. You have the most precious family.

    April from Southaven, MS

  20. Drea says:

    love all the pics. she did a fantastic job!

  21. Joy says:

    Love love love the photos! You have such handsome little men!! ADORABLE!!!! She really did a great job!

    Gym info – Plainfield Aquatic Center – have you been there? It’s great!! Let me know if you join because we can walk together!!! Wouldn’t that be a sight! 🙂

  22. Great pics! Love the bright blue frosting on the white background! And the hand prints! Such sweet boys and such wonderful moments to capture for all time.

  23. Tarah says:

    What great pictures! You have a beautiful family!

  24. Kandy says:

    I love the pictures!

    I left you an award over at my blog too…your blog deserves it 🙂

  25. Casey's trio says:

    The pictures are awesome! I think i would go broke if I were you because I would want them all:)

  26. Courtney says:

    very cute montage! what a great thing to have….and i can tell its better when you guys are together:) so sweet and happy family!

  27. Table4Five says:

    I’m such a softie, that video put a lump in my throat! I loved all the photos, but the ones playing in the frosting, and the one of you and your husband kissing with the babies all around you, those were my favorites.

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