Who’s WHO?

Last week we took four walks in a row in the “Quadmobile Beast” (also known as the Quad Runabout). I love having the independence of taking a walk by myself with the boys and getting some much needed fresh air! Hopefully spring is just around the corner….

The other night on our walk this cute kid yelled out, “Mom! They’re like little WHOS!” Perhaps it was their hooded jackets, or the Seuss-like stroller, or the Grinch-looking parents. Regardless, it was a unique comment that made me laugh! I’m guessing our little friend might have went to the opening of Horton Hears a Who over the weekend!

We DO get asked “Who’s Who?” quite often, but I happen to find my little buddies even more irresistible than this little character!

10 thoughts on "Who’s WHO?"

  1. Gen McNulty says:

    Too Cute! Gotta love the comments kids come up with. They really are the best! That one is gonna make me smile all week.

    Sending our Cali spring weather your way… here’s too many more walks and tons more fresh air. You go Jen with the independence!!

    Love and kisses to my favorite four boys!.. and mommy too!

  2. Gen McNulty says:

    oops.. “to” many more walks.. sorry been a LONG day!

  3. Kate says:

    Your family is amazing. We “just” have twins and a few others running crazy around here. This post was cute! Looooving the quad-mart!

  4. debi9kids says:

    I love kids! Only their minds work like that. I really wish I still had it in me to see things as colorfully as they do. I see quads and thing, “Wow! Quads!” That little guy saw them and look where his mind went! So creatively funny!

    BTW So glad you are able to get out, even if it is chilly. Getting out of the house is the key to sanity. LOL

  5. Jennifer says:

    LOL… I think I like reading blogs about multiples because it gives me a chuckle after dealing with my singleton. Of course there is always the underlying realization that with doing IVF I might have multiples next time. There have been a few twin dreams going around about me so I’m a bit worried we might be having two new Christmas present this year. =)

  6. A funny story for you. My friend Alison has a baby boy named RJ that is 10 months old. When he was probably 3-4 months old she was out strolling him around the neighborhood. I little boy riding his bike stopped to look at RJ and said to Alison “your baby is cute. He has your chubby cheeks”. HA! She thought it was hilarious and responded “he sure does”. Oh the hilarious thing that comes out of kids mouths! : )

  7. Stephanie says:

    I happen to think the boys are WAY cuter than the little “whos”! ;)That is such a good story though! Hope good weather finds it way to you soon!

  8. Yes, I think the boys are cuter than any Dr. Suess character, too. It is funny, though. 🙂 I’d much rather people say cute or nice comments, then stare at you like a side show to the circus, which is the response we get all too often! ha ha

    Where did you all stay while you were here in Louisville?

  9. Gretchen says:

    Grinch-looking parents!!! You are too much!! HAHAHAHAH! Yeah, right, cute Jen the Hen!

  10. Anonymous says:

    We watched Horton this past weekend. Near the end there was a brief shot of 5 little Who babies in a stroller. I laughed when I saw it because I remembered this post. 🙂

    I love the new blog look!

    Melissa 🙂

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