More Mac ‘n Cheese, Please

Thought you might get a kick out of the boys trying their first mac ‘n cheese yesterday. We’re making the transition to real food for lunches. They were so into it that they didn’t really have an interest in the camera! (Notice the suction cup bowls.) Enjoy!

26 thoughts on "More Mac ‘n Cheese, Please"

  1. Becky says:

    That is so cute!! I am impressed at how clean they look for mac and cheese… my 2 year old twins still make a mess! lol I love how they are picking the leftovers out of their bibs too. 🙂

  2. Devin says:

    I loved that you can actually hear the mac and cheese ‘squishing’ around in their hands as they are eating…soooooo funny!

    Devin in Illinois

  3. There is nothing better than a bowl of mac and cheese! When all else fails, I know my two will eat that – or fruit. Love watching them put fist-fulls in their mouths! Good luck making the transition to ‘real food.’ It IS more messy but allows you so much more freedom! I love that we can sit down for a family dinner now and all eat together instead of having to juggle our dinner and theirs.

  4. Gen McNulty says:

    cute cute cute cute cute!!!!!! They are getting SOOO big! 🙂
    Gen 🙂

  5. Sarah says:

    I love those bowls! I have yet to try those, but am thinking I need to get some. Luke’s bowl always ends up pushed all the way over to the side of his tray. 🙂 Mac N Cheese is an all time favorite at our house…when all else fails..bring out the cheese! LOL You boys seem to really love it too!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sooo precious!! They were definitely into that yummy stuff.
    Can I come play over and play on my spring break? 🙂 (week of March 31st)

    Emily U

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jennifer – haven’t dropped you a line in a while – just busy – but I do check out the kiddos daily for the latest updates. 🙂 They’re getting sooo big and a little more independant…my – what will you do with free time? ha! – – chase them – that’s what! That will be a huge savings once they start eating what you eat – well – maybe it will and maybe it won’t – ha!!! Marianne and I took the girls to see Horton’s opening – – it was a very cute movie….and that was funny – to see them and think of the “little Who’s” haha! Keep up good work – you’re both goind an excellent job adjusting to your little men! 🙂 Love ya! Darla

  8. Anonymous says:

    They are sooo quiet for FOUR boys at that age! My single 10mo old is a very loud eater (squealing,mmmm,etc.) so it must be nice to have a “quiet” time or rather a “quiet” food!

  9. debi9kids says:

    What good little guys eating so nicely. 🙂
    I LOVE that you have that table! I used to work in a daycare in the toddler room YEARS before my kids and back when I had 4 toddlers of my own I really wanted to get one for my house & never did. 🙁

  10. Anonymous says:

    They must have enjoyed it, they were so quiet. That is what we had for lunch here today, my kiddos love some mac.

  11. Amber S. says:

    CUTE! My boys (born 02/04/07) have tried mac n cheese and loved it too! I guess we should have it more often – cheap, easy, fairly nutritious…

    But, anyway, what brand of suction bowls are you using? My boys barely pull up on the bottoms, and they pop right off. As a consequence, our family dog has been called into the kitchen on several occasions for “clean-up duty,” and has put on a few pounds. 😉

    If you get a spare moment, please let me know!



  12. Suzanne says:

    oh yes, do tell where you got those bowls sista! i am amazed at how quiet and how mannerly they were eating their good ‘ole mac ‘n cheese! you have some good boys there, murray…such sweethearts! LOVED the video. i just want to kiss those chubby cheeks!..and those big eyes, when they look up at you….heart melting…

  13. Anonymous says:

    Looks like they took right to it! Precious boys and they look so grown up! Good job parents, keep up the good work. Thanks again for sharing this journey, even though I don’t know you’ll, I feel like I do in a way. I know these boys will have the best upbringing ever! Thanks again, your friend in East Texas, Pam.

  14. Amber and Suz – They are made by First Steps….You can get them at BRU. =) That was our first time trying them, so I’ll let you know if I decide to really endorse them. =)

  15. So cute…they were serious and getting down to business w/that mac and cheese. I love the last boy, sorry I’m not sure which one he is…he looked so cute looking right at the camera, and it was almost like he wanted to smile, but he was so “in to” his eating. How cute. Their eyes are so pretty…handsome boys.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Mac N Cheese!!! A staple of life for every mom, even one with teenagers! You just need a bigger box! Yeah for real food!

  17. Rachael says:

    so cute! they look very grown up eating their mac and cheese. i love how intent they were while they were eating it too!

  18. So much fun! Looks like you won’t have to do too much cleanup with that lunch. 😉 Always remember, Momma’s cookin’ is the best, boys!

  19. Anonymous says:

    No offense, but mac and cheese is real food all of a sudden?

    Even if it’s made from scratch, it’s still junk.

  20. Harris Boys says:

    Your boys are ADORABLE. I really enjoy reading your blog and watching your boys in action was so CUTE. Thanks for sharing.

  21. scottyjsmom says:

    That is too cute! Those 4 are smart boys for sure, not much better than mac & cheese. 🙂

  22. Anonymous says:

    Adorable!! What big boys!!

    Mommy of five

  23. lynne uk says:

    When I read the post title I thought you meant they were having a McDonalds hamburger! They all seemed to enjoy it anyway, thank you for showing us!

  24. Jenn Brothers says:

    Not sure if you’ve tried this or not, but when Jackson was little, he LOVED grilled cheese sandwiches. I’d cook them long enough to get the cheese melty but not get the bread crunchy and he’d eat that. Won’t eat it at all now, but LOVED LOVED it when he was little.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I know I shouldn’t be shocked because I know you are a wonderful mother, but you have calmest “mommy voice” I have EVER heard! Do the boys know they are celebrities? I cannot believe how big they are getting! Thank you for always bringing a HUGE smile to my face! Again I will say, you need to write a book!!!!

    My best,

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