NICU Survival Kits: Part V

If you are newish to our blog you might wanna check out this link to catch you up on NICU Survival Kits (Parts 1-4)- you’ll get the 411 on what they are, who they go to, what’s in them, etc.

Since our last update here’s some progress that’s going on with the kits:

~There’s been talk about a possible sponsorship for a portion of the kits. (I don’t know the details, but I will fill you in as I get more specifics.)

~We’ve started working on a card to put in the kits about our personal experience.

~We’ve opened a separate account for sole use of NICU kit contents, complete with a debit card that donates to the March of Dimes every time I use it – isn’t that awesome? It looks like this:

~We received our first donation check from a blog reader.

~We’ve gotten a nice stash of homemade blankets for the kits.

~We received a few schedule books from justmultiples to try out.

~We’ve received a payment check from Adsense for hosting ads on this blog (proceeds going towards the NICU kits)

~We visited our NICU and perinatologist office around the boys birthday to thank them once again for the excellent job they did in caring for our boys. We are so grateful for the roles they played in their health and well-being. Here’s some pictures from our visit:

Henry getting a birthday hug from DeDe; She “caught” him when he was born

Dr. Sumner’s IN the choo-choo wagon – he’s still a kid at heart and we love him for it!

Sheesh! That’s more than I thought had happened in a month!

A couple of questions I need to answer…..

How do I decide who gets the kits?

My contacts so far have been either a personal connection, through friends, or through this blog. I would LOVE to make one for each multiple family/preemie that I hear about, but right now I do not have the resources (time, finances, etc.) to do so….for now I’m trying to send out at least 1 per month.

What size do I make the blankets, how do I get them to you, what should they be made out of?

I prefer 20 x 20 or close (they don’t have to be square – rectangle are fine)…a little smaller or a little larger is just dandy too! They can be yarn, fleece, or fabric. Email me at quatro_mama [at] yahoo [dot] com for my mailing address.

Are there other items that need donated?

It seriously floors me that any of you would be interested in supporting this cause any more than what you are already doing by visiting our site. You can find the contents of the kit here. I’ve got plenty of lotion and journals for now, but the other items are still needed. My next item to purchase is some storage containers, so that I can stock up and put them together more quickly/efficiently.

How can we donate, how can I sponsor a kit, will you put a donate button on the blog?

Again, blows my mind! For now, we are not adding a donate button to this site, for various reasons. We are looking into creating a 501c3 account (there’s a pretty hefty application fee)…so it may be down the road, making donations tax deductible. If you truly feel led to donate please contact me (email posted above) and I can give you our mailing address.
Please know that we package these kits not with the intention of gathering donations, but rather a way for US to give back to other families facing similar situations that we have experienced, but enjoy sharing it with you!

Once again, feel free to leave me a comment or send an email with questions, encouraging words, or suggestions. I will try my best to get back with each of you in a timely manner. Thanks for being part of the TEAM!