The Grass Is Getting Greener On Our Side – What about Yours?

Today we welcomed 60 degree weather with open arms in Indiana. We Hoosiers get antsy while waiting on spring to arrive. The robins are back and we’ve hopefully said our final goodbyes to the snowflakes.

After being cooped up with my boys for a LONG winter, I’m more anxious than ever for a warm spring (and a beautiful summer to follow)!

Here’s my running list of things I’m celebrating about SPRING….

* Long Stroller Walks (we took 2 today!)

* Open Windows and Fresh Air

* Spring Cleaning (Boy, did I get a lot accomplished on my list this week!)

* Getting into a steamy hot car after the sunshine has warmed up the seats

* Sandals

* Onesies

* Ice cream (even though I indulge all year round)

* Green Grass

* Flowering Trees

* Tulips (my fav)

*Thunderstorms (sans tornadoes)

* Mushrooms (yep, we eat wild fungus)


It will be fun to see what’s on your list and how it differs across the country/world, so tell us your state in your comment too and we’ll keep the list “growing”!

43 thoughts on "The Grass Is Getting Greener On Our Side – What about Yours?"

  1. I love to see everything in bloom, the grass is getting green (and tall-we need to mow). I am glad we can cut back on the coats and bundling everyone up to go out-I will be thankful for sandals also (and less socks to wash-woo hoo!) 🙂
    It is just nice to get out and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.
    And one more thing-longer days. It’s so nice to have the extra hours of daylight…it just makes me feel like doing more.
    Jennifer in Kentucky

  2. Julie says:

    Running through the sprinkler (yes I still do this at 24)
    The icecream man
    BBQ’s with friends and family
    Driving with the windows down

    Julie in Washington

  3. Denise says:

    Flip flops
    capri pants
    baseball games cheering the boys on
    the aquatic center

  4. Karen says:

    Mine is so much like yours here in MI. I will add sitting on my swing in the backyard and reading. My youngest is 6 and last summer I got back into reading:) Oh, and this year, our first at the neighborhood pool!

  5. Anonymous says:

    See wildlife babies
    trees budding
    sitting outside, soaking in sun and scenery
    walks with the dog
    eating fresh strawberries off the vine
    flowers blooming
    snowcapped mountains (in CO)

  6. Krissy says:

    *Going outside in my bare feet to get the mail

    *Bike Rides

    *Taking walks in the neighborhood and seeing how all the children grew over the long winter

    *The hum of lawnmowers

    *Not having to wear coats on the kiddos.

    ~Pittsburgh, PA

  7. * Tulips are my favorite too!
    * The smell of sweet lilacs
    * Wide open windows
    * hearing kids play outside, through the open windows!
    * Capris
    * Sandals
    * no coats!
    * going for a walk
    * bluebirds

  8. Leah says:

    Wow…It’s been in the 80’s here (Louisiana) for about 2 or 3 weeks. Which definantly means my hubby will be mowing the grass atleast twice a week! It’s almost time for the swimming pool! Yay! I can’t wait to get some sun! Oh, and fishing! Yes, I love to fish!

  9. Amanda says:

    I’m in Indiana not far from you, but I wanted to add a few…

    * NO SOCKS! (My Ds hates them)
    * walks in the park and to the local DQ and in our neighborhood
    * no coats! (easier to buckle car seats!)
    * green grass
    * fresh vegetables from our garden!
    *hanging out with friends and neighbors on patios instead of indoors!

  10. Candace says:

    From Tennessee:

    Freshly planted flower beds
    Grilling/Hanging outside with family
    Letting my 19 month old run free outside without bundling up
    Wide open windows with the ceiling fans going
    Pedicures and Sandals
    Baseball Games
    Ice Cream Socials at Church
    Church Camp!


  11. Aimee says:

    I live in Indiana too, and am loving the weather these past couple of days – let’s just hope it stays here! ;0) My husband is out raking leaves, and I’ve got windows open cleaning the house! You can’t beat dusting and cleaning while you’ve got the windows open. We plan on cooking on the grill this afternoon too! Yum – I’ve missed that! And maybe a nice walk to cap off the day! 🙂 Enjoy the nice weather!

  12. Stacey says:

    Still Indiana just at the bottom!

    I love sandels
    open windows
    walks…now with them babies and our fur-baby. (It has been a long winter in the house)
    cooking on the grill
    garden vegies

  13. * Playing on the playground
    * Swimming in the pool
    * Having outside time
    * Planting new life in the ground
    * Not having to bundle up
    * T-shirts and shorts
    * Eating popsicles outside
    * Seeing baby animals

    ~Elyse~ in Texas

  14. In TX it’s a pretty quick shift from spring to summer. Right now is our “spring” and it’s been beautiful. We get anxious for:

    – Texas bluebonnets if we’ve gotten enough rain
    – BBQ’s
    – Visiting local rivers & swimming holes
    – Cooking on the grill

    We don’t looks forward to the 100 degree temps, fire ants and it getting so hot that we’re forced back inside under the cool A/C! 🙂

  15. Shirley Mary says:

    Making plans for new year of camping after the winter

    Seeing the flowers, trees, plants with new foliage and buds that soon bloom

    Remembering that on the first day of Spring our youngest son was born

    Remembering that after winter, spring always follows. That goes for us as well!

    Being able to open the windows and enjoy fresh air before the air conditioners began their humming again. But, I’m THANKFUL for the air conditioners when the temperature starts its upward climb!

    Knowing it won’t be long until vine ripe tomatoes will be here.

  16. BizzyMama says:

    *the smell of freshly cut grass
    *sandals and flip flops
    * shorts and tees
    *ice cream truck
    * cotton candy and popsicles
    *the sound of kids laughing and playing outside
    *long walks on the beach
    *reading in the hammock
    * swimming in the ocean
    *baseball games
    *airdrying freshly washed hair
    *pedicures weekly
    *outdoor cafes
    *summer vacations
    *pink lemonade on the porch
    *letting babies run around naked and free 🙂
    *sex on the beach…woohoo!

  17. mrsvanoven says:

    A-MEN to everything you said! We’re in Indy too, and we got out to the park today (I’ll have some pictures up soon!), and it was GREAT! I actually wore long sleeves and was sweating!! I love Spring!!! 🙂

  18. Nikki says:

    Here in St. Louis spring time means the beginning of the CARDINALS baseball season!!! That is the best part of the spring/summer for me and most St. Louis people. Go Cards! 🙂

  19. Anonymous says:

    I love that my kids actually need baths every day because they run around outside getting dirty.

    I love not having to hunt for socks or jackets.

    I love open windows and longer days.

    I love anticipating summer.

    Melissa 🙂

  20. Sheryl says:

    Red-neck AC at the lake. (jump into the lake and then back in the boat and go full speed.)
    Eating daddy subs at the lake
    Snuggling with Grace (my new niece)
    Dinner on the patio
    Hiking on the Greenbelt and taking a dip in the water.
    Vacations to Mexico!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Getting my boys outside without all the sickly bugs. I can’t wait to be able to take them for walks and show them off to all my friends.

  22. Kate says:

    -car rides with the windows down
    -trips to the zoo
    -windows open with fresh breeze coming through (we just put our screens up today, and I got a storm door for my b-day yesterday!)
    -toes in the grass
    -being outside and talking to neighbors/meeting new neighbors that moved in over the winter


  23. I’ve never commented but have been reading your blog for a while…now that you mentioned it…i have many things i love about spring:
    1. flip flops
    2. bare feet
    3. bluebonnetts
    4. playing outside with my girls
    5. long walks after dinner
    6. it’s light outside till almost 8p!
    7. wearing shorts/tank tops
    8. putting my girls in dresses so they look like girls
    9. spring cleaning
    10. all sorts of babies start to hatch/show up…we just had two baby squirrels roaming the front yard the other day.
    11. playing outside all day…yep, my girls LOVE it outside…so we enjoy it before it gets too hot down in TX!
    Ok, think you got the hint…i LOVE SPRING!

    Your family is precious by the way!


  24. Jenn Brothers says:

    Mushrooms, you got me hungry for those! Bryan actually went hunting for some the other day and didn’t find any.

    I’m looking forward to:
    1. Walks w/ Jackson & my mom
    2. Park trips – the dogs LOVE running around the park. We did a few laps on the softball diamond last night. Tires out the dogs AND Jackson, so a double-plus. Or maybe a quad-plus if you count all 3 dogs & Jackson. 🙂
    3. Light weight coats and not having to bundle up the boy every single time we go out.
    4. Testing out my new kid-carrier on the bicycle. Not sure I can pedal is 34 lb butt up the hill to go home though, I’ve already told my mom to be on-call in case I need her to pick us up and take us home!

  25. Sheena says:

    Here in Florida the top thing is going to the beach and letting the babies eat their first fist full of sand! ::haha::

  26. Anonymous says:

    Here in Massachusetts (where it is still about 45 degrees), I am looking forward to:

    the pink blossoms that the trees on our street are covered with, followed by the pink carpeting on our street a few weeks later;

    the smell of spring!

    the retirement of the winter jackets (everytime I go to wash them, it gets cold again!)

    no tights for the girls, and no worries about the holes in the knees of my son’s pants

    birdies in the bushes for our cats to stare at

    daylight for many hours after work!


  27. Melissa says:

    You’re IT!! You’ve been tagged!


  28. Anonymous says:

    I have to agree with the tulips, and I will add that I love grabbing a cup of coffee or a treat and sitting outside to enjoy it with a friend!
    Jennifer S.
    Avon, IN

  29. Anonymous says:

    FLIP FLOPS!! Of course I wear them when it is cold too, but when it’s warm I don’t get funny looks! Open windows, evening walks.
    Hugs to everyone!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Things I love about SPRING…
    ~ Flip Flops
    ~ Pretty painted toes
    ~ Skirts
    ~ Everything green (trees, grass, flowers…it’s refreshing!)
    ~ Walks with my husband after dinner to the lake
    ~ Fishing on the lake in the row boat
    ~ Going to the park to swing
    ~ Bubbles
    ~ Sidewalk chalk
    ~ Iced Lattes
    ~ Eating outside
    ~ Beautiful sunsets
    ~ Baby animals

  31. Sarah says:

    my list pretty much resembles yours too! We are in Indiana too…and get so antsy when we have warm days…even like today!!

    Things we look forward too…
    no winter hats and coats!
    the birds on the bird feeders
    waking up to the sound of the birds in the am
    going to the park
    grilling out
    driving with sun roof OPEN!
    April’s showers
    May’s flowers! LOL

  32. Anonymous says:

    Abby from IN
    All the spring babies; calves, kittens, ducklings, kids (goats): yes we have them all!

  33. Betsey says:

    Here in SC i’m looking forward to:


    flip flops

    fresh homegrown summer tomatoes


    going to the lake and beach

    woohoo, it’s in the 70s today!

  34. Wow! You really brought out the lovers of Spring!!

    Here in Oregon I am looking forward to:

    no rain


    rhodies in bloom (almost here)

    a ride up the Columbia River Gorge on a clear day

    cleaning the garage

    eating outside with company

    having my morning “cuppa” and quiet time outside

    having school out so I can see more of my grandkids

    roses in full bloom until November
    that’s the best of all!

    Thanks for asking!

    Love your boys!!

  35. Brandy says:

    I can only add one thing to all of the aforementioned…..Watermelon!!

    Columbia, TN

  36. debbale says:

    Things I love hummmm…..

    *dogwood trees blooming and reminding me of our Lord’s death and resurrection.

    * daffodils (even though they are done blooming now)

    *warm walks

    *playing in the park with the grandbabies

    *packing away the sweaters and sweatshirts

    * the way the air smells after the rain

    Things I hate about spring…..

    *PINE POLLEN!!!! (it turns everything yellow here)

    * not being able to open the windows because of the pine pollen

    *Cleaning up the pine pollen (everything needs to be washed when it’s done inside and out)

    Grayson, GA

  37. debi9kids says:

    YEAH! Something I can blog about tomorrow while sitting in my house freezing! It’s COLD in NJ right now. UGH! And rainy!
    I’ll do the list tomorrow afternoon.
    PS I LOVE thunderstorms!

  38. Kate says:

    I’m so excited about not having to put on 3 coats, 3 hats, and 3 pairs of shoes every time we go out! By the way, I’m in Indiana too, and it’s supposed to snow on Saturday!

  39. Emily says:

    – Bluebonnets
    – Being able to have the A/C and heat off, thus (hopefully) saving on electricity
    – Eating on the patio at my favorite restaurants
    – Beginning of Snow Cone season!
    – Bradford Pear trees blooming right before they turn green
    – The sights of everyone out at parks and taking walks in the two weeks that it is actually cool enough to do so…because in TX 100 degree summer is not far behind!

  40. Jill says:

    This is my first time leaving a comment- I love your story! I love spring too. From Grand Rapids, MI I only have one thing to add:
    Festival on the Grand!

  41. Have loved reading your blog, and now…Tag! You’re it!

    I’ll be sure to come back and read your responses!

  42. Nikki says:

    I am in Ontario, and it has been a FREEZING winter!! So I am looking forward to sandals, shorts, popsicles, no school (!) and most importantly… going to the Dominican for a month!!


  43. Anonymous says:

    Well, seeing as I live in southern california, spring isn’t a whole lot different from the rest of the year. There is a wider variety of fruit though (strawberries) and I do love going to the beach, too.

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