For the Record….

I do not make a practice of addressing anonymous parenting advice, but due to some conflicting information, I felt compelled to set the record straight. Here is a great resource from CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) concerning this issue:

“The harnesses in forward-facing seats have several harness slot positions. These slot choices allow you to move the straps as your child grows. When your child is in the forward- facing position, the harness straps should be threaded through slots at or above your child’s shoulders. If the top slots are below your toddler’s shoulders, the seat is too small. She may need a different seat or may be ready for a belt-positioning booster. Be sure to read your car seat manual to learn how to correctly use the harnesses.”

Brad and I willingly accept advice and constructive criticism from close friends, family, and our medical team and have made some adjustments accordingly. In the future, please allow them this privilege of offering assistance. We understand that many of you have wonderful intentions and we appreciate your concern for our boys’ well being. However, the intent of our blog is to share our story of what God has done and continues to do in our lives, rather than be a forum for debate or parenting suggestions.

Please note that any comment referring to car seat straps, car seat position, car seat brands, or car seat rotten cheerios =) will be deleted from here “forward”. If we have offended any of you, please know that is not our intention. The vast majority of the time your comments and emails are a great source of encouragement that we anticipate daily.

~Brad -N- Jen

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