Say What????

Words We Say….



all gone

thank you








go, go


what’s that


all done*

* Notes signed word

I wonder what the next vocabulary word will turn out to be? Any predictions?

34 thoughts on "Say What????"

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m guessing
    “so big”.

  2. Heather says:

    I remember an early one with my ds was “ball”. . . thinking with 4 boys, that one’s gotta be soon!

  3. Kate says:

    My 13 month old says “d-d-d-d-dora!” Is that bad? 🙂 She’s the youngest of 3.

  4. Rachael says:

    i can’t believe they are saying so much already! wow! at what age did you start signing with them?

  5. Kate says:

    my guess… “NO!”

  6. KS Dallas says:

    My guess is NO or MINE. I hope I am wrong – can’t imagine 4 of them going at it with “No, mine”!

    KS Dallas

  7. Devin says:

    I must say, I am so jealous Jen! My little Ethan (one day ahead of your guys) only says one thing….and it isn’t anything you would think a baby would say.
    Please? Thank you?
    Nope and Nope.

    He will say ‘diaper bag’.

    How bizarre is that? 🙂 I’m just glad he says something!

    Glad your little men are talking, how cute must it be when they rattle on back and forth to each other! *hee hee!*

  8. Anonymous says:

    “light” or
    “Night Night”

  9. You found my blog a while back and I visited yours and then haven’t been back since. I finally added you to my google reader.

    Your boys are too cute! Amazing it took me 6 years to have 4 boys. Ha!

    love all the words… baby talk is SO CUTE!


  10. Krissy says:

    I am guessing “dog.” Lots of little kids seem to pick up animal names/sounds/signs quickly.

    My little girl signs dog all the time. That might tell you exactly how much the neighbors dog barks!

  11. Suzanne says:

    awwww! what BIG BOYS! jen, that is GREAT! that is alot of words!!! btw- i LOOOOVED your previous pics…so precious!

  12. GibsonTwins says:

    we’re about 3 months ahead of you guys in age so my guess for the upcoming words will be: “no”, “mine”, and the occasional “yes” 🙂

  13. Gen McNulty says:

    “milk!” .. i guess “milk!” I sign with my kids too.. it helps SOOO much!!!

    “Mine” and “no” will be here soon enough.. DON’T RUSH those ones!! Teehheee heh!!!

    Love you!

  14. Anonymous says:

    My guess is snack. That was a first word for my boy. Ha! Carter signed a lot at that age, and now we have let it go. Baby Einstein has a few DVD’s on signing that I loved. We need to get them back out. There is one that teaches signs for your neighborhood. Anyway, it’s so fun to experience these joys with you. Thank you for sharing! I feel blessed to know you and your amazing family. And I STILL think you need to write a book! Are you ready to go for walks? We’ve been on two today already! 🙂 Much love to you all!


  15. Rhonda says:

    NO, It always seems to work its way out of the little mouths soon after “all done”

  16. Gramma says:

    It would be fun if the next word was “gramma”. I can always dream. I just love to listen to the boys and try to understand everything they say. Love you all, Gramma K…

  17. Rachael says:

    i tagged you on my blog! ok, i know these can be annoying, but don’t hate me. this one is different.

  18. Too cute! My vote is ball or car…awww…i can’t wait to hear my little 4 saying all these goochie little words!

  19. Claire’s favorite word is BABY, so that’s my guess.

  20. My daughter just turned one, and she loves to say “ball.”

  21. My Goodness says:

    My guess is ‘Car’. Maybe ‘Ball’. Maybe ‘Bath’.

    Boo..can’t decide!!

    Love reading all of your ad-VENTURES.

  22. I predict “no” “mine” or “ball”

    Amanda S

  23. debi9kids says:

    Ok, with the weather getting nicer & nicer… I bet yours will start saying the same thing mine just started to say, ” Outside.”

  24. Mama Kat says:

    I’m gonna go with “kitty”.

  25. michelle h says:

    Grayson says weird words like
    window (nin-ooo)
    cow & moo
    zebra (eee-baaa)
    map (means nap and blanket)

    so my vote is that is could be a conventional word like ball or milk, but it could be really off the wall…like tiger (maybe I should cut back on our trips to the zoo!)

  26. Anonymous says:


  27. I can probably guess their first sentence… “HE DID IT!”

  28. no or ball is my guess!

  29. My first vote goes for “Ball” too. Other possible ones are milk, brother, bye-bye, or some animals. (Dog was an early one with ours…but we have 2 dogs)

  30. Casey's trio says:

    “cookie” was always a favorite word in our house!

    “boo” came pretty quickly too with all the peek-a-boo playing that happened about this age.

  31. Hey Jen! Thanks for visiting our blog … how do you find the time?!?!?!?!

    Your boys are so handsome! And your photography is great! Our camera is a Nikon D80 … we love it.

    As for their next word … I’ll guess banana … or as our trio says “nana!”

    Take care,


  32. OK, so I should have read the list a little more carefully … they already say ‘nana!

    How about amen … or “men-men” as ours say! When we say our nightly prayers we always end with “And the babies say AMEN.” And they do! It is soooooo cute!


  33. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure their next words will be “Wieder girls”. Don’t you think?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Glad to see you are signing with the boys. I used signs with my son from 10 mo-20 mo. His vocabulary was enormous through signing. It was amazing to see him communicate with zero frustration. Now he talks up a storm!

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