Videos of a “Venturous” Vacation: A Prequel to Many Sequels

Before I start on some great reality footage of our “Ventures” to Nashville, I’d like to begin with some behind the scenes details of our trip. Around Christmas time, my siblings and I started planning a surprise 50th anniversary celebration for my parents. Their actual anniversary was February 21,2007, so we were only a mere year and 2+months late! The boys were born less than 3 weeks before their incredible milestone, and on their actual anniversary Clark became very ill with his digestive issues, so needless to say, their big day became a bit overshadowed.

Clark receiving fluids via a pic line due to premature digestive system 02-23-07

However, we wanted to honor this accomplishment of marriage and celebrate with them, regardless of the timing, so we began planning a trip for 17 to Nashville, TN.

My parents holding Clark and Brooks – Mother’s Day 2007

We weren’t sure how we would fit 4 pack-n-plays + four boys + their enormous amount of stuff in our Chevy Venture, but then a triplet buddy, Linda, gave me this great product recommendation: Kidco Pea Pods!

If you look closely at this picture you’ll see four little boys asleep inside their little tents complete with their camo sleep sacks. We are in love with this product, because it can go anywhere, takes up minimal space, and folds up to the size of a flattened basketball. I’m serious! (And no, they are not paying me to endorse their product!) It’s one of our favorite products thus far. And grandparents are pumped that they’ll be able to stay overnight now! We had them “practice” in the playroom for one week to adjust to the new surroundings before trying it out for the first time in a populated hotel!

So that’s some background prior to our official road trip “Venture”. To give you fair warning, this post will be part of a mini-series of posts, complete with bloopers and more details than you probably wish to digest. It is sure to become a moment in history for our family, so I’m using the blog as a way to document the memories, which is one of the main purposes of this blog. Read at your own risk.

Next Up…

Videos of a “Venturous” Vacation: The Calm Before the Trying to Stay Calm

8 thoughts on "Videos of a “Venturous” Vacation: A Prequel to Many Sequels"

  1. Suzanne says:

    i am LOVIN the mini-series! such a little real-life soap opera! LOVE. IT. those little pea pods have the “steece” name all over it! thanks so much for the link! i’m still in awe that you went through the griswold family vacation…but so neat that you got to suprize your parents!!! love you! hope you are recovering well!!!

  2. Rachael says:

    i love that you are posting in a bunch of little segments. what a fantastic idea! looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip!

  3. Casey's trio says:

    I can’t wait to read more about your traveling adventures! Lovin’ the Peapod idea…thanks for the link!

  4. Katrina says:

    He is just so cute! And I love love love the little tents! What a neat idea! Can’t wait to read more about your trup!!!

  5. Congrats on your parents’ special milestone! My parents just celebrated their 40th this year and my grandparents had been married 67 years when my grandpa passed away.

    Can’t wait to hear more and love those pea pods too! 2 pack n plays are bad enough…glad you found an alternative to 4 of them!

  6. debi9kids says:

    Wow! Congrats to your parents celebrating such a huge milestone! Can not wait to hear how you celebrated with them (and steal some ideas since my parents only have a few years til they have theirs’)
    Looking forward to your mini series like a good book! I will make sure I have a nice bottle of wine chilled for the occassion…

  7. Those pea pods are genius! THANK YOU for the suggestion….definitely on our list of purchases…WAY better than pack ‘n plays! Can’t wait to hear more about your trip…

  8. Blair says:

    this is wonderful! and have you heard of Blurb ( ? it “slurps” your blog and you can put it into a book format (it prints similar to a year book). It is so wonderful and a great way to have a hard copy of all your boys’ milestones. I did it for the 2007 posts of my blog and am now working in the 2008 book. I am addicted!
    Oh, and your boys are adorable. We have a Brooks in our family too. I just love that name!

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