You’ll Look Sweet Upon a Seat, Of a Bicycle Built for 6?

Van? Who needs a van if you could ride in style with a sweet contraption like this! Six seater bicycle listed on ebay and locally on craiglist for $3500. Sure it has keyless entry, fuel efficiency, leather, and custom design, but I’m not sure about it’s crash test ratings. (Thanks to Ben for passing this along for a great chuckle!)

9 thoughts on "You’ll Look Sweet Upon a Seat, Of a Bicycle Built for 6?"

  1. Suzanne says:

    holy cow! that monster is awesome!!! $3500? sheesh! hey, at least you guys would get a kickin’ thigh and calf workout eh?? man, super bummer about the van–crazy timing with everything else going on! we are definitely praying for yall! love ya quaddie sis!

  2. That is AWESOME!

    Love you guys.

    ps: saying big prayers over here!

  3. debi9kids says:

    Man! That would ALMOST work for me (almost)…wait, I could add my trailer to the back and there you go!
    Wow! I would save so much on gas! heehee
    Seriously, I have considered buying one of these though:

    My sister informed me she would disown me if I bought it though. 🙁
    XXOO Debi

  4. Elizabeth says:

    That is awesome and made me laugh! Sorry to hear about the van…I hate hate hate dealing with cars.

  5. Moni Graf says:

    I think you might be able to whip “Thighsaac” into shape with that bad boy! I don’t know, though… the boys might need a few years to be able to pull their own weight (and reach the pedals). Good luck on the car search. We definitely should’ve reasearched vehicles a little better before we got our used mini-van. It’s a tight squeeze and I’m sure there are others out there with more room inside! Oh live and learn.

  6. That’s great! Thanks for sharing it.

  7. That bike is crazy…I’d be scared to ride it. How long is it? It’s like the tractor trailer of bicycles…good night…never seen anything like it! 🙂

  8. Kelly says:


    That is great and I love the Pea Pods! Those look so neat!

  9. Anonymous says:


    I have a photo from Denver Colorado of a six seated bicycle.
    Guess they’ve been around for awhile.

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