Look Who’s Walking 2!

I’ve needed to post this for a while now…. (Check out pro-walker Brooks in the background.)

He’s soooooo proud of himself and LOVES the attention. He’s up to about 7-10 steps this week. So what do his parents have to say??????

“It’s about time, Henry!!!!!!!”

Afterall you’ve been climbing this for months..

And then there’s this…

Even this…

Welcome to the world of WALKING, Henry! Why don’t you give your climbing gene a rest for a while, k?

(Clark and Isaac are neck in neck for who’s next. Soooo close – I’ll keep ya posted!)

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18 thoughts on "Look Who’s Walking 2!"

  1. Kate says:

    Awwwwwww!!!! Good job Henry!!

    Looks like the boys got some haircuts?! So handsome!

  2. Quad Squad! says:

    It’s so nice (sometimes) when they have all learned to walk! I love that I can get them out of the van and they can all walk themselves into the house! Not to mention they can walk themselves to the kitchen, the playroom, the bedroom…of course, they can also run quickly in the other direction too! Oh, well!

  3. YAY Henry! What a big boy!!! Welcome to the world of walking. Jen-his face was priceless! Brooks just looks like a pro;)

  4. Lindsay says:

    yay Henry! Its so fun to see how excited they are when they walk to where they are trying to go 🙂

  5. The Nolands says:

    It sure is exciting when they start walking! I remember that with Mackenzie. Hey, where did you get the slide? It is so cute. I have been looking for good outside toys, other than the pool and wagon.

  6. michelle says:

    That is so cute!

    Grayson just took his first steps last week when he was staying with mom and dad, while John and I were out of town! Mom kept trying to downplay it, because I guess she didn’t want me to be upset that he started walking w/o me. On the phone she’d say “Grayson will take a few steps to get to a cookie. You know, just for a cookie, though”. No problems here! We’re just glad they practiced with him, and helped him get started. And glad that they babysat for that long!!

    Walking really opens up the world of “outside” since they can walk, and not have to crawl on the dirt, concrete, and grass.

  7. Emily says:

    Ok, I really shouldn’t admit to being such a dork…Buuuut… I seriously realized I clapped for him while sitting in my room watching this… Wow… 😉 I am definitely proud though! Way to go Henry!!

  8. That was so darling! Four little ones all going different directions! Oh my! Its good that you are young o keep up with them. It looks like they love Grandma and Grandpa a lot. That is so nice for them and nice for the grandparents, also!

    I am in contact with Jenny Masche. Her six babies are all getting very mobile as they approach their first birthday. I think about you often with your four busy little boys, and Jenny with her six busy little ones. I just did a post on the sextuplets. (I’m crazy about babies and so love hearing about them and their development)

    I enjoy the videos you post. Its just about as good as being there, watching those first tentative little steps.

    Well, I’ve said it before and I will say it again. You are blessed!
    I know you know that.


  9. Woo hoo! 2 down, 2 to go. Or should I say, 2 up, and 2 to go 🙂

  10. debi9kids says:

    OH wow! How exciting! He just looked so excited for himself on that video!
    Well done henry!

  11. Karen says:

    Congrats on your walkers! WoW. Seeing that pic of the standing on the toy in the window reminds me of my youngest doing that, she fell and hit her gum (above teeth) on the sill! Ouch. She is 6 now and her top 2 teeth are a different color from that and a few other times she bumped them. Shudder.

    It is a whole new world boys!

  12. Way to go Henry! 🙂 That’s so sweet…I love when they are first walking-so cute. Brooks was about to run him over wasn’t he? He sure is getting around good! 🙂

  13. Anonymous says:

    couldn’t view the video – but YEAH!! – – and how cute of him climbing – – maybe you should have given him papertowels and windex while he was up there at the window – haha! (not that your window was dirty – but might as well get him started young – huh?) haha! 🙂 So sweet though! Soon you be chasing them 4 different directions in the yard, store or wherever….Hope we get to see them again BEFORE COLLEGE!!! 🙂 Love ya. Yep, Aunt Dar Dar 🙂

  14. Danielle says:

    Jen I have a question for you and I dont’ know if you have time to answer, but I also have a blogspot blog and you are the only other blogspot blog that I follow… anyway… I’m wondering if there is a way my family to somehow subscribe to my blog?? What I mean is, a way for then to receive an email each time I update my blog. Is there a way to do that? because i can’t find it anywhere. If you have time, my email is dnbarton at gmail dot com…. my blog is bartonbabyblog.blogspot.com. You could email me or comment… and if you don’t have time, no prob… I just thought I’d ask! I love reading about your boys and your journey, tho you don’t even know me (: TIA! Danielle

  15. Way to go Henry!! I’ve watched this two times now – it’s just so precious!

  16. How fun!!!!! So cute to see them learning to walk.

  17. YEAH!!! Go Henry!!!! Little stud muffin!!!

    How exciting.. so much more fun to come!

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