My Son Brooks….mmm!…mmmm!

Watch out ladies, this boy loves to kiss!

Recently, Brooks learned how to request a kiss without saying a word. Not to worry though, he is not after any of his little friends in the nursery, his lips belong to his momma. Every night, as we put the boys down to sleep and begin to leave the room, we hear a mmmm! mmmm! mmmm! coming from behind us. Brooks always wants a kiss from his momma before bed, it is so adorable, and of course, I think he melts Jen’s heart. Even after a kiss, we sometimes have to leave the room with his continual mmm! running behind us. He would kiss her all night if that meant he could stay up probably, I love that boy so much!

Brooks came screaming into our world at a mere 3lbs. 0 oz. This poor boy was squashed with Clark on top of him, Isaac pushing in from the side, and Henry right below for months. Due to this unfortunate configuration, his little head was smashed like a pancake. It was quite worrysome as a new dad, but they assured me he would be fine, and his head was pretty round by the time he left the hospital, and perfect now. After birth, Brooks had a miraculously uneventful stay in the NICU. He was breathing on his own for part of the first day, then put on CPAP for a day or so, and finally removed from machines for good. He was so healthy, that in spite of the fact that he only weighed 3lbs. 14 oz., and was only 3 weeks old, they sent him home with us.

Little Brooks on homecoming day!

Brooks has such a cute, fun personality. He is more verbally introverted than any of his brothers. He expresses most of his emotions with his mouth closed, muffling his cries, laughs, and complaints, it is so cute. Brooks has been a leader in mobility milestones since the beginning. He crawled first, pulled up first(at 8 months), walked first, and is now nearing the running stage.

Brooks has more wonderful qualities than I could even begin to describe, but I love the was he smiles with his mouth closed. I love the way he picks his little feet up as he tromps around the house. I love his cute little legs. I laugh as I look back and remember how he initiated us as first-time parents by falling asleep when we tried to feed him. I love how he kisses his momma, it melts daddy’s heart too. I love his cute, dark brown eyes. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the way he dances every single time he hears music of any kind. I miss the way his right leg would bounce up and down when he cried as a preemie. I love holding him on my lap and reading him books, I love seeing him curled up beside Clark in his crib, fast asleep in his little camo sleep sack. I LOVE to hold his hand and walk him around the house, and I love that he loves it too!

I love my Brooks, and all of my boys, in a way I could not have even imagined 16 months ago. I am so proud to be your daddy Brooks, and I cherish every single day I get with you. At 8 weeks of pregnancy, when we found out you existed, I gave your tiny life to God, as I knew it would be His job alone to bring you safely to my arms. And, in spite of the fact that many doctors warned us that this was unlikely to happen, it did, and I will forever be grateful for getting to hold you for the first time, safe and sound, 16 months ago.

I love you Brooksy buddy, your daddy will always love you.

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14 thoughts on "My Son Brooks….mmm!…mmmm!"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Brad and Jen,
    I have heard that it is common for doctors to recommend reducing the number of babies in multiple birth pregnancies, but I did not know your doctor recommended it. I am also very grateful that you made the choice to nurture all four boys and allow God to give you the chance to have the boys on loan for this season. I cannot imagine how different this blog would have been with two boys instead of four. Have a great summer together!
    Jennifer Spence
    Avon, Indiana

  2. Suzanne says:

    oh my gosh…..the mmmm, mmmm, mmmm is to die for! please tell me you guys have this on video! wow, that makes MY heart melt all the way in texas! i love hearing about your boys and their different personalities! can’t wait to meet them one day! love you guys

  3. ~Amber~ says:

    I am sitting here bawling my eyes out reading this, just as I did with the ones for Isaac, Clark and Henry. You are very blessed indeed!!!!!

  4. Awww! I heave tears in my eyes and am so amazed! What a sweet boy Brooks is! Love the mmmm’s for kisses!

  5. Every child should have a Daddy who writes such lovely affirmations for their children. What keepsakes for those sweet boys to have. I am so thankful for your outspoken walk before God as you parent these special little ones. You will be blessed!

    Little Brooks has come a long way from that first picture with that squashed little head–To look at him now, you wouldn’t believe that first picture.

    Isn’t it just fun to watch them grow and develop? As they learn new things, it is such a joy to observe and be amazed at what they learn.

    Glad to read that you are reading to them–the best foundation for learning to read! Good for you!

  6. Rachel says:

    How awesome, I have loved all of your posts on your individual boys, and this one is no exception! They will LOVE this as they grow older! From the great example you are giving them as a father, it’s a sure thing they will follow your lead and be amazing husbands and fathers themselves. I think that is the most important thing for children to see, is happy, loving parents!!

  7. Kate says:

    Oooooh…I LOVE it! I had to come back and re-read this post ’cause its too cute! After I read it this morning I spent my day trying to teach Mylo how to kiss! I mostly just get an open mouth with a tongue and lots of slobber though!! Ew! Only something a parent could love!

  8. debi9kids says:

    I just love this post!
    These are just so sweet!
    And, there is nothing cuter than a little guy giving kisses.

  9. lynne uk says:

    Aha, so Brooks smiles with his mouth closed does he? That might help in telling him and Clark apart! Lovely post (as were all your posts about the four boys). Best wishes to you all.

  10. Drea says:

    what a lil man. my boys are both kissers.. its sweet tho I think.

  11. So sweet, once again! 🙂 I love baby kisses, too…aren’t they precious!

  12. Jac Tubre says:

    Great post. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful boys with us!


  13. Anonymous says:

    They say that boys are for mamas and girls are for dads. Do you think this is true? You are certainly due for LOTS of love then, Jen! You lucky girl! I doubted it until I had a boy of my own. Just wait until they tell you they love you! It’s the best thing in the whole wide world!! I get “I lub you mama. Berry berry much.” It’s worth more sugar than an entire DQ! Our love to you always!


  14. Lady Why says:

    What a beautiful boy! And, what beautiful posts to each of your four sons. They will treasure these letters always. Thank you for sharing them with the rest of us!

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