Meet Me at the Fair….

Tonight we took in the sights, sounds, and smells of the county fair. (Sorry Gramma we didn’t make it to your fair last week due to the big move!)

It was so fun watching the boys actually “getting it”…

~Quacking at the Ducks

~”Wowing” at the Cows

~Bonking Each Other in the Heads with Their Balloons

~Begging for Bites of Home Made Ice Cream from the Dairy Tent

“Aaagh, aaagh, aaaghk” = QUACK!

We can relate to the cage, Mr. Duck. We have bars at our house too!

Mama used to feel like a milking sow!

Do you think our new neighbors would notice a couple of cows in our backyard? We could use the milk!

Moo! Moo! Brown Cow!

The Balloons Almost Stole the Spotlight from the Barn Animals

Have I mentioned how much I love “ONE“??????

PS You Guys Need to Check Out Baby Blog Addict for “Quadathon” – Featuring The Quad Sistas if you haven’t done so already….

14 thoughts on "Meet Me at the Fair…."

  1. GLAD the boys are LOVING life at one. Wish I had all of their energy. Glad they enjoyed the fair!

  2. Yay for Midwest county fairs! Your boys look like such sturdy, homegrown specimens too 🙂 I found your blog thru Steeces months ago, and I really enjoy seeing your sweet boys get bigger.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a fun night for all of you! If you love ONE, you’re really going to love TWO, every age is more fun that the one before!! How ’bout elephant ears?? Do they still have those a county fairs?

  4. Brandi says:

    Love fairs! Being a country girl, I have grown up going to them.Our big one here is called the Peanut Festival…just waiting for it! And our little local fair. YAY!

  5. Mandy says:

    Hey Jen
    Thanks for the baby food! What a blessing!

    I think of you often when dealing with our two. Two would be a walk in the park for you!

    I SO know what you mean when you say they are ‘getting it’. It just gets more fun all the time! They are adorable. It’s fun to have 2 little faces smiling and laughing back at you…4 has to be awesome!

    PS Can I just say…do you age at all? You look the same as you did running up and down the halls at CBC!


    thought the ONE was referring to another baby!!:)Then I figured out what you meant..we love the fair too!:)Happy un-packing!:0

  7. DJones says:

    It seems like they have just sprouted and got so big all of a sudden!! Going to the fair is such fun!

  8. Glad they had so much fun! Animals are high on our list of things to talk about these days….we have a family of ducks that visit our yard each day and they both RUN “quacking” to see them when they spot them! We’ve already been to the zoo twice and plan to get there again, soon! ONE IS lots of fun….we’re just a few months ahead and I’m loving every minute of it!

  9. Holy COW Jen Jen!!! They have gotten so BIG. I love the pics of the fair.. but love the moving pics even more.

    I love you so much and think you are amazing.


  10. so much fun! love the balloon photo, Jen – that is priceless.

  11. Emily says:

    looove the photos and stories. i can just picture them quacking and bopping each other with balloons. can’t wait to come hang out later this week!!

  12. Kelly says:

    We took Jenna (3 yrs old) a few months back to a fair w/all the animals and she loved it! She is ALL ABOUT cows anyway…

  13. Jenn Brothers says:

    Just read your Q&A; on the babyblogaddict site – I would LOVE LOVE to see the Murray Crew on television!

  14. You must attract oodles of attention. So cute, all of you!

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