Walks To Remember…

Finally, FINALLY, I got it on video!

Although Clark took his first steps well over a month ago, he’s been tough to catch on camera. You see, Clark has a stubbornness "independent spirit" about him (wonder where he got it?), so he has practiced walking on his own terms and timing.  Just as he started to get quick on his feet, my camera battery bit the dust, and was replaced today.

Side Note: To answer a reoccurring question, we own a Casio Exilim point-and-shoot camera (which I also use for short video clips) and a Nikon D40 DSLR. I love them both!


We couldn’t be prouder of our sweet miracle. And now for his much anticipated footage:


Here’s our "Walks to Remember" over the last five months…

Brooks was 1st…

Followed Closely by Henry

Isaac Claiming Bronze…

And Clark’s Instant Replay…

Puts a rest to the "Wait ‘Til Their Walking!" remarks that we’ve been hearing since birth! =)

17 thoughts on "Walks To Remember…"

  1. My2Gs says:

    I love the proud little look on his face 🙂
    ~ Lacie

  2. Yay Clark! Congrats little man!

  3. Rachael says:

    so sweet jen! yay clark!

  4. Fulton Quads says:

    SO Happy he decided to join the ranks & be a walker! It's great to capture memories! I heard those comments too "Wait till they are all walking" & LOVE it now that they do! I just more exercise! LOL!

  5. Casey's trio says:

    Hooray for finally catching the big milestone on camera!

  6. What big boys!!! Yay Clark!!! Glad you all got the footage on camera.

  7. way to go Clark! I noticed you had a monkey climbing on the chair behind you, too! ha!

    My guy walked on his knees like that forever! We swore he was never going to walk upright…but finally! Have fun keeping up, Mom!

  8. Moni Graf says:

    That was too sweet, Jenn! I think it’s so neat the the identicals were the 1st and 4th to walk. Just goes to show how different their personalities are and how truly unique each one of those miracles are.

    Looking forward to getting to that stage. The Graf quads are just starting to crawl right now and are keeping us running. Gotta get a gate, gotta get a gate!

    Love from KS,

  9. Kate says:

    Whoo-hooo! Go Clark!

  10. Pam says:

    Wow, way to go Clark, and all the boys! They are so cute and I know you’ll are having the time of your lives! Congratulation on 4 great toddlers! A friend in East Texas, Pam.

  11. I noticed in a previous post that you use Luvs. I got a link to these coupons today and thought I would share http://www.luvs.com/en_US/images/LUVS_TARGET_email/0806_AugLuvs_WebCpns.pdf

  12. debbale says:

    Thanks for sharing I can always go to your blog when I need a lift and a smile. The boys are getting so big!

  13. Anonymous says:

    jen, what music is playing in the background of video? i like the song!

  14. Emily says:

    Way to go, Clark! Of course I got a good laugh out of seeing your little monkey on the chair on the background too… Don’t you just LOVE this age??

    Hope you’re all still healthy and loving this sunny weather!

  15. cracking me up over here! way to go mobile murray crew! must feel great to finally silence those “just wait til their walking” comments! lots of love from tejas! Mari

  16. anon- It’s Norah Jones “Sunrise”. =)

    Emily – Thanks for sharing the Luvs coupon love. =)

  17. Sarah says:

    NICE! way to go Clark!

    we have the Exilim point and shoot camera too…LOVE IT! i sooo want that Nikon D40!

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