Guess Our Costumes Giveaway!!!!


October is just a fabulous month…well, for LOTS of reasons. One of them being tomorrow (wink, wink). So what better way to celebrate than a GIVEAWAY?  All you have to do to play along is guess what our "pumpkins" are going to be for Halloween this year.  You’ve got time to mull it over. The contest will end 10/30/08 at midnight.  I’ll pick a winner randomly from the guesses. (Yep, that’s right you don’t even have to guess correctly to win! I grade on a curve!) Just leave a comment in the comment section with your best guess.  Oh yeah, the prize is a $25 Gift Certificate to Jackaroos Boutique!  Oh how I love their little John-Johns!




One last time, here’s how you can participate:

  • Leave a comment on this post with your best guess on how our pumpkins will be disguised for Halloween. (If you don’t know how to leave a comment, click here for step-by-step directions.)
  • I’ll randomly select a winner on 10/30/08. 
  • Only one comment per person, please.


    If you like the pictures in this post, you’ll like the boys WITH the pumpkins even more…I’ll work on posting those soon!  Best of luck guessing!

    153 thoughts on "Guess Our Costumes Giveaway!!!!"

    1. debbale says:

      My guess would be four little pumpkins sitting on a fence or scarecrows.

    2. mama2a&b says:

      Thomas the Train!
      orangetriangle2 AT yahoo DOT com

    3. 6 Worleys says:

      don’t we get any hints????? please pleeeaaassseee just one???

    4. Megryansmom says:

      Wine coolers (they come in 4 packs) Oh sorry, they’re babies. How about The Beatles?

    5. My Goodness says:

      Please, not the Teletubbies!! 🙂

      Can’t wait to see!

    6. Courtney says:

      How about Superman, Batman, He-Man, and GI Joe?

    7. Emily says:

      they’re going to be soo cute (well, they already are)… and i would agree, october is a wonderful month… so is september 😉 gotta love fall. happy birthday tomorrow!!

    8. Katrice says:

      How about….
      big mac, fries, apple pie and a coke?

    9. Luckygirl says:

      A giraffe, rhino, hippo and zebra/

      Love the picture from the last post – so precious!

    10. maggie says:

      Your 4 Little pumkins will be 4 little pumkins or pumkins!

    11. Becky M says:

      My guess is hay like a bale of hay!

    12. Anonymous says:

      My guess would be, 4 little pumpkins. Oh and how cute would they be.

      Becky from Illinois

    13. Jamie Grant says:

      Pumpkins!!! Jen, I love reading your blog! Congrats to both you and Brad on the wonderful family you have.

    14. Anonymous says:

      My guess will be, farmers

      Shannon Morgan

    15. Belinda says:

      The Wiggles! Because there are 4 of them and you are a Murray…LOL (Jeff, Sam, Murray and Anthony)

      Belinda (who is hosting a bible study on her blog – my first one! – come join me at

    16. Sallie says:

      mustard, ketchup, relish, and mayo?

    17. Lori Shay says:

      4 slices of pizza! And you will be the pizza delivery person!

    18. Amy says:

      My first thought, too, was the Wiggles….but since someone already guessed that I will say farm animals, since they love them so much! 🙂

    19. Megan says:

      How about pumpkins?

    20. Adrienne says:

      How about 4 little froggies!

    21. Nene says:

      I bet they would be super cute as ice cream cones!

    22. Brittany says:


      Happy Birthday! October happens to be MY favorite month as well!

      Your photography skills are getting better and better.

    23. Nick and Jenn says:

      My guess is 4 little monkeys…jumping on the bed. 🙂 Happy B-day!

    24. Chris says:

      I was going to guess four frog princes (with mommy as the princess). I’m sure they’ll be cute no matter what they are!

    25. Lindsay says:

      Thomas, Percy, James, and Edward
      (Thomas the train)

    26. mamalouise says:

      I think they will be a “Happy Meal”

    27. Anonymous says:

      Hehe Jen your blogging skills are awesome!! And how funny all the bloggers guesses!! hehe i like Michelle Jorgenson’s “Happy Meal” guess! ~Sioby PS can’t wait to find out!! Also can’t wait to find out winner!!

    28. How about Tigger, Pooh, Eeyore and Piglet?

    29. Anonymous says:

      Umm…little pumpkin cuties perhaps!

      emilyslinger [at] juno [dot] com

    30. Stacey says:

      My guess is you’re making your own “Happy Meal”–burger, fries, nuggets, and a shake, maybe?
      Whatever it is, those boys will be TOO CUTE!!
      Stacey in IL

    31. I love your pics jen – those pumpkin ones would be great to blow up and fram and have around the house for fall decor!

    32. Family BLT – Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, and Mayo and mom and dad will be toast!

    33. rebecca says:

      Ok….I am guessing the little ones will be scarecrows!! Just a guess…I’m sure I am wrong- LOL!
      Love the pumpkin pics! 🙂

    34. Brad Shotton says:

      matt and jen stole my answer! I thought you would be the Family BLT!!!

      So my second guess is:
      Clark is a sheep
      Henry is a horse
      Brooks is a chicken
      Isaac is a cow

    35. Pumpkins are my guess too! Here from the Livengood’s blog…great friends from church. Love reading your blog! Whitney

    36. Anonymous says:

      How about Disney characters.

    37. The Nolands says:

      How about Sesame Street Characters? Elmo, Big Bird, and the other munchikin monsters?

    38. Kris says:

      I think they are going to be farm animals.

    39. Margaret says:

      I think they are going to be monkeys! 🙂

    40. Anonymous says:

      How ’bout 4 peas in a pod? Enjoy reading your blog!
      Robin England

    41. I like the pumpkins and scarecrow guesses. That would be mine as well… although I like all the creative guesses!

    42. Amber S. says:

      Wow… I have been trying to get creative in thoughts of three for my boys. (This year we will have a lion, a tiger, and a bear, while I am Dorothy, and my hubby is going to wear a t-shirt that says "OH MY!")

      Trying to think in thoughts of four…


      They are each going to each be a different colored M&M; or a different type of candy bar? (I must be hungry!)

    43. Anonymous says:

      Since you like food theme costumes…how about M&Ms; (in Red, Orange, Blue, and Green).

      Kimberly and the GA Guinn Triplets

    44. Rebecca Thomas says:

      I going to guess Jack-o-lanterns!

    45. Anonymous says:

      They will be little Colt’s players.

      Amy C.

    46. Terri says:

      Ok,…I have to say I LOVE the BLT idea! HMMM..maybe next year for us!!

      However, my guess is The Wizzard of OZ theme!

    47. Anonymous says:

      3 little pigs & the big bad wolf

      Anne Schrader

    48. Melissa says:

      I see the most popular guess is pumpkins…..but I have to say that I really think four little farmers would be soooo adorable!

    49. ASHENFELTERS says:

      wow. To many good guesses.. I will go with….something barn yard related…I so creative!:)

    50. Mama Snyder says:

      You seem to have a great sense of humor, so I’m guessing that the boys will not only be adorable, but funny, too.

      I’m going to guess they will be Disney Characters: Donald, Mickey, Pluto and Goofy.

    51. Mama Snyder says:

      You seem to have a great sense of humor, so I’m guessing that the boys will not only be adorable, but funny, too.

      I’m going to guess they will be Disney Characters: Donald, Mickey, Pluto and Goofy.

    52. Ally says:

      Colts Football Team

    53. Anonymous says:

      I’ll say scarcrows! no matter what, they will be adorable!!
      rosalind9298 @ hotmail dot com

    54. lindabelle says:

      I believe they would make adorable pea pods, or farmers, or ball players, or punkins, or … OH who am I kidding … they are just perfect being Isaac, Brooks, Clark & Henry!!

    55. Jennifer says:

      My guess would be little cowboys. I can’t wait to see what they’re costumes are! What a fun game!

      Jennifer in OK

    56. Pam says:

      Can’t get any better than 4 Aces! Just a guess! Can’t wait to see pictures! A friend in East Texas, Pam.

    57. Elizabeth says:

      Hmm…what a fun game. My guess is little football players.

    58. Stephanie says:

      Happy meal, M&Ms;, or Wizard of Oz!
      I cant wait to see..they are going to be adorable!!!

    59. Leah says:

      I guess that Clark will be a sheep, Henry a horse, Brooks a chicken, and Isaac a cow! Ha! Their best barn yard animal impressions! But, if your post is any indication, I guess pumpkins!

    60. Stacey says:

      Since you just visited a dairy farm my vote is 4 little cow with all diffrent colors. Some brown, some black, some black and brown, and one mostley white!

    61. Amanda says:

      I’m going to guess lions. But they’ll look cute no matter what they wear!

    62. chelsea says:

      The hallo-wieners were pretty cute last year:) The train wagon is cute—maybe train engineers so that the wagon is part of their costume.

    63. Suzanne says:

      just wanted to say that i hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday sweet little mama! you deserve it! love you so much and dream of hugging your sweet little neck!–you tiny thang, you!

    64. Maggie says:

      Oh Hummmmm, this is a tough guess! I’ve got two guesses, is that okay? ;0)
      How about you as Dorothy your hubby as the great Oz and the boys as Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion, and a Puppy (Toto).
      Or maybe You as Dari (LOL) and the boys as Pooh, Tigger, Eyeore and either Lumpy or Piglet.
      Well there’s my guesses can’t wait to see their costumes, I’m sure they’ll look adorable whatever they are.

    65. King Quads says:

      Love your pictures girlie! My guess is four little football players.

    66. Marty says:

      Maybe the Peanuts gang (Charlie Brown, Pig Pen, Linus, and Snoopy)

    67. Anonymous says:

      farm animals?
      Stacey in FL

    68. Anonymous says:

      farm animals?
      Stacey in FL

    69. tyra says:

      Train conductors… Oh, whatever they are, they will be adorable!

    70. Jenny B says:

      my guess is the Ninja turtles!:) haha…i can’t believe they made a comeback from when we were kids! Love you girl!!!

    71. I'm going to guess that they are going to be: Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore & Piglet!!! 🙂

    72. Pumpkins….but of course they will be cute as anything.

    73. Libby says:

      M & M's….Green, Yellow, Red & Blue!! Mom and Dad could be M & M's too! Brown & Orange!

    74. Michelle says:

      Hmmm, what about 4 sippy cups of milk?

    75. Hummm. I don’t have a guess. I like to be surprised.

      Love you.
      Gen 🙂

    76. Moni Graf says:

      You’ll use the pumpkins as heads to carry, and they’ll be the headless horsemen. You know….the one with Ichabod Crane? Maybe too scary for them though.

      I know! Bring in 3 other sets of adults and divide the boys up. Then they can go as singletons!

      Or how about having 4 little priests/ministers?

      I’m sure none of those guesses are valid. I hope you have found a creative way to transform the choo-choo wagon and the boys into Thomas the Train. That’s my final answer.

      We’re keeping our quads’ costumes under wraps, too. Mainly because I don’t really have a clue what we’re doing yet! Sigh.

      Love from KS,

    77. Cyn says:

      I’ll guess they are going to be four little pumpkins, too! 😉

    78. I’m guessing 4 ADORABLE pumpkins!!! Can’t wait to see the pics!!! Do we HAVE to wait all the way to Halloween though?? 🙂

    79. ~Denise~ says:

      Pumpkins seems like the logical guess. I really like the Bic Mac, fries, etc idea someone suggested. That’d be cute.

      I’m going to say we will have a Yoda, Darth Vader, R2D2, and C3PO.

    80. Nikki says:

      It has to be PUMPKINS!

    81. Stephanie says:

      my guess is cats or scarecrows and they are posing with the pumpkins

    82. Sarah says:

      Okay don’t laugh at me…but I am guessing “the village people” heehee!!!

    83. Anonymous says:

      Hi Jennifer – long time huh? 🙂 I read, I just don’t take the time to comment too often. Here’s my guess – -“Fruit of the Loom Guys” (twins can be green and purple grapes; and then the other 2 apple and fig) 🙂 haha! they have grown so much and are just too adorable!!! Have fun!! Love ya!

    84. Side by Side says:

      I love the idea of 4 cute little farmers.

    85. Ashley in NC says:

      I am guessing that the munchkins are going to be a tiger, lion, elephant and monkey.

      or all monkeys.

      Love your blog!!

    86. michelle says:

      my guess is farm animals (cow, sheep, horse, chicken) can’t wait to find out!

    87. Kate says:

      I say something to do with Thomas the Train.

      Oooooh…can’t wait to see!!!!

    88. Bethany says:

      4 little farmers?

    89. Jilly says:

      Hmmmmm…think they could be punkins’?

    90. Brandi says:

      I’m guessing pumpkins since you seem to be on a pumpkin roll! I am sure though that whatever they are they will be absolutely adorable!

    91. twyatt says:

      I am guessing pumpkins by all the “clues” in the post!!!

    92. Dana says:

      I saw triplets once dressed up like M&M;'s in a wagon made to look like a bag of M&M;'s- it was adorable!! So I guess M&M;'s!!

    93. I am guessing thomas the train and his friends!!


    94. M&M;'s (red,blue,green, and yellow)

    95. Susan says:

      Superhero’s with capes!!!

    96. Meaghan says:

      I’m guessing 4-tune cookies!! Oh, I hope I win! 🙂

    97. Jacqueline says:

      Eeny, Meeny, Miney, and Moe!!!

    98. KrissyBo. says:

      Four little Colts players! 🙂 Can’t wait to see…

    99. Darla says:

      Hi Jennifer – the guess for dressing the boys up as Fruit of the Loom guys was me…. Aunt Darla 🙂 I got interrupted and forgot to sign my name. 🙂 I bet you wondering who in the world that was from – haha! Just me! 🙂 My second guess is box of crayons (primary colors – Red, Blue, Green, Yellow). haha! Look foward to seeing more cute pics of your little men!!! Would love to see in person again (BEFORE COLLEGE AGE) hahaha! 🙂

    100. Ginny says:


    101. Trish says:

      Four little monkeys

    102. Dawn says:

      I’ll guess scarecrows. Your boys are adorable!

    103. Hmmmm, this is a hard one, wish I knew what they liked 🙂
      My idea would be a caterpillar, one being the head and 3 being parts of the body and end.

    104. Rachel says:

      I’ll have to guess pumpkins too 😉

    105. Deborah says:

      I think they’ll be garbed as assorted farm animals: a cow, a sheep, a duck, and a pig. (If it were me, I’d probably only be able to find 3 different farm costumes, and one of the boys would have to be a zebra or giraffe or something). Whatever costumes they wear, I’m sure they’ll be super cute! 🙂

    106. Jamie says:

      4 monkeys jumping on the bed.

    107. Jenny says:

      I’m sure that they’re going to be adorable no matter what they dress up as! However, I’m going to guess pumpkins also. 🙂

    108. Jumping on the bandwagon, Jen- 4 little pumpkins??

      Can’t, can’t wait to see!!!

    109. Rebekah says:

      3 monkeys and a banana?

      (I saw this a couple of years ago … on newborn triplets. It was SO CUTE!)

    110. Jessi says:

      Hi, Jen.

      I’m popping over for the first time from Rocks In My Dryer. I’ve always thought of moms with multiples as Super Women…you are amazing! And I adore the boys’ wagon.

      What a fun little contest! Since quite a few folks guessed pumpkins, fast food, Wiggles, Thomas, Wizard of Oz, etc., I’m going to go with….Veggie Tales characters: Bob, Larry, Jr., and one of the French Peas. ???

    111. Jenn Brothers-Haler says:

      Well, I’d like to say pumpkins based upon your pictures you’ve posted, but I think you’re probably just trying to trick us….So, I’m going to go w/ monkeys. Jackson is going to be a monkey so that’s how I decided! Can’t wait to see pics – they’ll be adorable no matter what you put them in!

    112. Katmagick says:

      I assume your carving them? A Witch, Frankenstein, a Bat and a Cat.

    113. MariaJoy says:

      I was gonna guess Thomas the Train and friends. I saw others already guessed that….but oh well! That’s still what I’ll guess! 🙂

    114. ~*~Hallie~*~ says:

      I think the superheroes “The Fantastic Four” would be great, but perhaps they’re a little too young for that just yet.:)Oh whoops, I just remembered that one is a girl, nevermind!

    115. Shannon says:

      I haven’t read all 124 comments so not sure if this has been guessed but a barber shop quartet is my guess. I think they’d be soooo cute dressed like that! Happy Halloween!

    116. Dawn says:

      M & M's


      p.s. Have they dressed up in their Purdue attire yet? Actually, with the way the Boilers are playing, perhaps they should wait until basketball season!!

    117. Dawn says:

      Escape? Was that a clue? Maybe they’re going to be little prisoners…

    118. Janel says:

      Tiny little prisoners? Stripey costumes are easy to wear!

    119. I guess they are going to be escaped convicts.

    120. Susann says:

      I’m gonna go with Thomas the Train characters. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!! You’re so creative!

    121. Christina says:

      I am also going to guesse jal costumes!!

    122. Shelly says:

      Are they going to be pumpkins?

    123. K.M.L says:

      I am going to say little prison babies! 🙂

    124. Dell5 says:

      My guess is four little monkey’s jumpin’ on the bed, one fell off and….well, you know the rest! Happy Halloween!!

    125. Wade's World says:

      I take back my previous guess. I think they are going to be jailbirds!!!

    126. My guess is 4 jailbirds

    127. Erica says:

      How about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?? two boys are the slices of bread, one is the peanut butter and one is the jelly.

    128. Valerie says:

      I just realized I forgot to post a guess and you put up a last chance email. Anyway, I’m going to guess either farmers or pumpkins! Have fun!!

    129. Anonymous says:

      I’m going to guess zoo animals and zoo keeper….any ones. But if I need to be specific…..hmmmm….
      lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my! With either one as the zoo keeper or YOU as the zoo keeper.

    130. I’m thinking four pumpkins??

    131. Andria says:

      I might have posted on a different post some other time, but I think they are “chick magnets”!!

    132. Michelle says:

      Well, I guessed sippy cups earlier, but I am going to reguess with jailbirds. Haha

    133. A&EMom says:

      Love your blog!

      Will your little guys be a Chain Gang?

    134. Anonymous says:

      Hi Jen & Brad,
      My guess is pumpkins! Whatever they are, I'm sure they will be adorable. Can't wait to see the pictures :)!

      Diana Sweezy (Greg's sister)

    135. Rizel says:

      My guess would be monkeys!

    136. Nicole says:

      I want to guess PUMPKINS but i was thinking M&m;'s would be cute! Can't wait to see them…

    137. Melissa says:

      My guess is escape convicts.

    138. Haley says:

      4 calling birds…?

    139. Leah Beth says:

      My guess is skunks…4 little stinkers! 🙂

    140. Anonymous says:

      I think the boys are going to be prisoners… based on your “escape” comment. Can’t wait to see them in their costumes! 🙂


    141. Alison says:

      i think the boys are going to be race car drivers!

    142. Lindsey says:

      The Beatles

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