What I’d Like For You To Know…

welcomeTo those of you clicking over from my guest post on Rocks in My Dryer, WELCOME! We are so glad you could join us!

Feel free to pop a squat and join us for a while or forever! Here’s a few of my favorite posts to get you started:


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Oh and you’ll want to check out the giveaway that’s in the works so you can play along!

I was honored to contribute to a blog that is such a blessing to readers worldwide! I’m trusting that the 4tunate addicts will check it out – PRONTO ! =)

PS Feedback is always a perk! =)

31 thoughts on "What I’d Like For You To Know…"

  1. Mrs. Querido says:

    Oh your boys are so precious! I love the expressions on their faces 🙂

    I enjoyed your post at Rocks In My Dryer…

    Just thought I would stop by to say hi 🙂


  2. Rachel says:

    What a great post over at Rocks In My Dryer – I’ve so enjoyed all of her What I’d like you to Know posts but I thought yours was one of the best. I especially liked the list of what not to say to mom’s of multiples!!

    Sometimes people (me) don’t realize how comments are taken so it’s good to see the mom’s insight!!

  3. Robyn says:

    Ok Jen you are such an inspiration. I keep up with your blog and read your guest post as well. I have a question. I never know what excactly to say. I would love to say something encouraging to mothers of multiples when I see them. What is your favorite thing someone has said when they encounter your crew? I am the type of person that would NEVER say a word about infertility. But I think out of lack of something else to say, it always comes out something like, “you’ve got your hands full.” So please advise. Keep up the good work with your boys and God bless-

  4. Your boys are so adorable. I enjoyed your post!

  5. Katy Lin says:

    i really enjoyed the RIMD post 🙂 your boys are adorable 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    Your post on Rocks in the Dryer is so awesome! Are you thinking of writing a book? You should, your skills are great! And you have a sweet story to tell too. Hugs to everyone today! Sure you have your hands full, full of BLESSINGS! Lucky you to have sweet healthy babiesl

  7. Jen says:

    I love Rocks in My Dryer! I’m heading straight there to see what you posted, I’m sure it will be great!

  8. ClothDiaperGirl says:

    Thanks for including the blog where your husband addresses each of the boys. It made me cry. What a great family you’ve got!

  9. Hi Jen, Your article on Rocks in My Dryer was excellent. It, as well as your blog, really shows your sweet and humble heart. And your little guys are absolutely ADORABLE! (even Brooks who can take his Daddy’s laptop apart!) 🙂


  10. Wanda says:

    So cool! Glad to meet you! I’ve hopped over from Rocks…

    Great post and wonderful family!

    I also just found out you live in Indy….I’m about an hour south in North Vernon!

    That’s just neato!

    Yes…..GO COLTS!!!

    God bless you guys! Those boys are precious!

  11. Mandy says:

    I came from Shannon’s as well. Reading about your boys I just had to come and see a picture of them. They are so so so adorable, and I love their names! I will be back to visit!


  12. Jen, I just finished your post over at Shannon’s and I loved it! Although I never struggled in a similar way to conceive, I do have four boys and also hear “you’ve got your hands full” all.the.time.

    I think your boys are beautiful and you are SO very blessed!

  13. Jen,
    I enjoyed your post on Rocks in My Dryer. I never get over hearing you explain the situation w/the boys in the womb and how the Lord spared their lives…it gives me chills each time! I love your attitude-and I know in reality you “do have your hands full”, but I love the fact you recognize what a blessing you have been given! 🙂
    It was a good idea, too, to tell people things to avoid…some people are just clueless or rude..I’m not sure which. And some of those things are across the board…multiples or not. With our five, soon to be six, we have heard it all, too. People can say ugly things…like “did you mean to have all those kids?” It still bugs me every time, too…you just wish they could understand the joy, love and happiness that we GET to experience. Of course, there are those times you’d like to pull your hair out, but you try not to focus on those! 🙂
    I love your blog…your boys are so precious and cute!

  14. Misty says:

    hi, jen… i just read yout RiMD post and loved it. i am a grown-up triplet (1 of 3 girls) so i kinda know what my mom experienced w/ negative attention or lack of tact sometimes. it’s different now that i’m a mommy myself, tho. anyway i just watned to let you know that i enjoyed your post very much and love your blog.

  15. Julie Anne says:

    Popped over from Rocks in My Dryer and am enjoying a little perusal of your site!! Your boys are adorable… may God bless you as you raise them.

    I have four kids, but I had them one at a time! 🙂 and I still experience not-so-pleasant comments… although I am sure I have said one or two myself to others in the past, sometimes the brain doesn’t work right.

  16. I loved your post today on Rocks in my Dryer. It is always so encouraging to hear from people going through situations like yours what TO say and what NOT to say. I think some people (me) just try to same SOMETHING and get tongue tied and walk away beating their heads! I appreciate that honest info!
    And those boys are precious little guys!! Praise God for a wonderful family! That is amazing! You are a living witness to His glory! Keep up the great job!!

  17. As an Aunt to triplet boys I could even relate to much of what your post contained. They are such a joy.

    May I add something to your list of what not to ask: “Was she on fertility treatments?” – A) NO and B) why is it any of your business?

    OK – that’s off my chest. Thanks for your post.

  18. PletcherFamily says:

    I enjoyed reading your post on Rocks in my dryer! Very insightful and confirms even further my awe in you as a mother. What a great family you have! They are just the cutest things ever.
    Thanks for posting on my blog! And I do love Peyton Manning, even though we are Steeler fans – the Colts are a close #2 in our house!! 🙂

  19. Beachy Mimi says:

    I just found your blog via Shannon’s. Being the mother of one, I found (find) your life facinating! Those babies are so cute. Thanks for sharing your story.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Wow miss Jen,

    I bet 20 months ago (or before) you would have never realised that you a mum of 4 wonderful little men could affect woment world wide. those boys are amazingly cute and do you know I have 2 singleton boys and the comments are bad enough!!! Mine are 13 months apart and people can be 'insensitive' but you know I love my life and have broard shoulders now and can handle it. Other mothers can be cruel but my boys are loving, well behaved, full of energy and happy – oh and at 4 &5 dying to be twins!!! their comments are everyone asks us anyway so can't we say YES!!! so yep they are bright too!

    well done Leonie

  21. Mel says:

    I clicked over here from Rocks in My Dryer. I loved your post there and your boys are SO CUTE. I love their names – very classic and fitting for such little men! I also love their little train, it is so sweet! Their pumpkin patch pictures are priceless. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I think they are adorable.

  22. Your boys are adorable! Congratulations on such a beautiful family.

  23. Anonymous says:


    I’ve also found you through Rocks in My Dryer.

    I’ve had a great time today reading through your blog and learning about your journey through life with 4 cute wee boys!

    Cheers, Wilm in NZ

  24. Anonymous says:


    I’ve also found you through Rocks in My Dryer.

    I’ve had a great time today reading through your blog and learning about your journey through life with 4 cute wee boys!

    Cheers, Wilm in NZ

  25. Jen – great post over on the other site. Loved your list of suggestions for what people should avoid saying to moms of multiples. Great post and well said!

  26. Jenny B says:

    hey jen. great post! it’s about time one of us made a list of things not to say…there are MANY more i can think of but in reality we just take everything with a grain of salt and try to smile and let it all roll off our backs:) i know i don’t have time to worry about what others are thinking/saying….
    love you!

  27. Shannon says:

    Hey, found you from Rocks. I also have four boys, albeit, not all the same age, lol. Stop by my blog and check it out sometime.

  28. Danielle says:

    I don’t know if I can guess here… but are your boys going to be pumpkins this year?? Had to throw in my 2 cents! (:

  29. Anonymous says:

    Jen! Thats a REALLY well written post on Rocks in my dryer! I hadn’t ever read their blog before, very nice!! You have really awesome writing and grammar skills too!!–sioby

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