Dancing with the Quads: Season 2

Fridays are made for dancing!  So put on your dancin’ shoes and join us for Season 2 of Dancing with the Quads.

As you can tell, the boys have been practicing and refining their moves since Season 1.  Brooks is really gaining confidence with his jumps, and Isaac’s turns are flawless. It’s sure to be another "moving" season!

Happy Friday, everyone! 

PS Thanks, Gen, for this video you sent us before I had even met you in person.  Apparently they enjoy the menu screen as well as the movie itself!

17 thoughts on "Dancing with the Quads: Season 2"

  1. Lindsay says:

    Adorable!! I liked the singing at the beginning.. I see an Idol try out in the future 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    They are just so freaking handsome! I LOVE those sweaters.

  3. JAMIE'S CREW says:

    Boy, does that bring back the memories of my twins, and my singleton, and hours upon hours of Elmo’s World and the like. Mine were enthralled just like yours!

    Very handsome boys!

  4. Cheryl Lage says:

    Oh Jen they are just too much! Do what you can to make sure they keep on dancing! (What is it that makes full grown men so relucant to?)

    Darling post!

  5. that was really sweet – maybe they can teach claire some new moves at the party!


  6. Emily says:

    i need me some murray crew!!

  7. Kerry Lynn says:

    Please tell me that you ran around like a crazy woman picking up all the clutter in the room before you started taping. Please? pretty please?

    Adorable video 🙂

  8. So cute! Love the sweaters!

  9. Suzanne says:

    fridays are definitely for happy dancing!!!! those little boys are SO frackin’ cute in their little sweaters and jeans—love the constant swaying back and forth…bust-a-move little murray boys!

  10. OMG! I just melted!!! MELTED MELTED MELTED!! I think the “singing/humming” is what really makes me smile. SOOO FREAKING SWEET! AND.. I LOVE THAT THEY LOVE ELMO! YEAH for hand me down videos;).

    I love you all.

  11. Stacey says:

    I just got finished filming the kids and daddy dancing and tucked them in when I sat down to find your “Fridays are for dacing” Love it…

  12. HILARIOUS and so cute! Henry cracks me up with his smiles and looking back at you. Brooks’ jumps are too funny and Isaac is such a little twirler! Love the fact that Clark is just standing/jumping/singing the entire time too! Boys rock my world!

  13. debi9kids says:

    OMGosh! So cute to watch! I LOVE Brooks’ moves! FANTASTIC! He is really into it, isn’t he?
    I just love seeing your guys since they are so close in age to my twins. it gives me an idea of where mine should be 🙂

  14. Great moves guys! My Sarah has all the moves down when she watches the intro and closing of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse…she’ll mimic all Mickey’s moves and dance along. So fun!

  15. lynne from uk says:

    Oh yes, very good dancing, and I think they are trying to sing as well! I always thought 4tunate would be a good name for a boyband!

  16. Cute :))) Thanks so much for sharing it!

  17. Anonymous says:

    LOL!!! Jen!! That’s sooo cute!! IS that Brooks with all that rythm??!! Ohh my word, I’ve got tears in my eyes from laughing so hard!! Too cute!
    The twins I use to bsit LOVED ELMO!! (haha i was secretly singing along with Elmo, too!!)
    Sioby 🙂

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