How Cold? Freeze Your Buns COLD

Today’s incredibly low temperatures called for a video blog for all you Southern "panty waists" (using my dad’s terminology), aka "sissies".  Just kidding, I do love my Southern Belles.

It’s been crazy cold here. Icicle toes, car barely starting, schools closed, hunker down for days, bun freezing, COLD. They are calling for a bit of a warm up (meaning like 20 degrees), so hopefully we’ll be able to get the boys out in the snow to see how they react.




How’s the weather in YOUR neck of the woods?  This calls for a early pajama night!


52 thoughts on "How Cold? Freeze Your Buns COLD"

  1. jag says:

    Well, I’m a southern panty waist, and I thought it was too cold for my liking here the other day! I think a little differently now. Get inside and warm your buns girl!

  2. Mrs. Wilson says:

    Early pajama night sounds great!! Here it’s about -20C (-4F) right now, but yesterday it was more like -47 C (-52F) with the wind chill.

    Crazy cold!!

  3. Suprisingly, the ski town of Park City, Utah is warm, spring like temps. I’m from the midwest originally though, so I feel your pain!!

  4. Jennisa says:

    It was -26 yesterday here, and today it has warmed up to 15!!! Time to get the shorts out! 🙂 {grin}

  5. Hilary says:

    I’m on your radar map! =) When I woke up this morning, it was -10F. It “warmed” up to about -5F, where it has stayed all day. I don’t have classes on Fridays, but I have to walk across campus a few times in order to eat and exercise. Tomorrow it’s supposed to get up to 27…heatwave!

  6. Haley says:

    Southern panty waist here, too. I’m a school teacher, and we weren’t allowed to take our kids outside for recess today because of the frigid weather (the high temp. today was 31 degrees). We think that’s pretty darn chilly!

  7. SarahSLP says:

    Jen and Brad,
    I’m laughing so hard at you two! Bring on more myths to bust! 🙂

    And yes, bun freezing cold, is the best way to describe it!

    Today my drain pipes for my washer were frozen (didn’t know it) so where did all the dirty water go….my laundry room floor!!!

    **Note to self…don’t do laundry is subzero temps!**

  8. Joy says:

    You are HILARIOUS. Love this post!!! Hopefully, when our “buns” have thawed, we can get together!

  9. Anonymous says:

    The water for your “experiment” needs to be boiling and then it will “freeze” in mid air. We saw it on the news this morning 🙂

  10. Not as cold as where you guys are but it is cold for their southerners! Hang in there and stay warm!!!

  11. Leah says:

    I’m in Louisiana, the temp was 38 when I just got home, but the low tonight is 29 and the high tomorrow is 43.

  12. Meg says:

    I’m a wimp. It was 28 this morning when I took my son to school and it was bone chilling!!

    We are in Wilmington, NC, and it’s been years since we have had snow. It never got above 33 today. I think it was some sort of record low. BURRRRRRR!!!

  13. Yeah, I need to go update my post!! I was complaining of the weather!! It was FREEZING, or so I thought it was until I read your post, here in South Mississippi today!! Stay warm!!

  14. Lindsay says:

    lol that was great.. WTG mythbusters!!

  15. Kritter Krit says:

    Mythbusters so should hire you two! Maybe you knew what it would do and were just playing along (wink, wink) for the rest of us bozos, but I have to admit, I was anxiously awaiting the outcome of the Water Throw. (I’m sure my Science Guy hubs would have been rolling his eyes if he could have seen me GLUED to your little movie there.)

    It reached a balmy 19 degrees here today. Up from 5 yesterday. Woo hoo! …Both of which I’m sure DO sound balmy to a few of you colder-than-fark minus temperature people. -47, Mrs Wilson? Seriously, that’s just nuts, no offense to whatever frozen iceberg you live on. =)

    Congrats, by the way, on your super-snazzy Weblog Winner button! Pretty cool, indeed.


  16. Bonnie B says:

    LOL, loved the experiment. I live in North Dakota, it actually worked here when it was 30+ below this week. Enjoy your blog a lot, it was fun watching the voting.

  17. The Carlsons says:

    i won’t mention our 77 degrees here then…okay, i just did 😉 i’m an AZ native so i have NO idea what anything other than maybe 50 or 40 degrees feels like. okay, maybe there was that one day or two up in northern AZ where it was in the 30s but that’s it 😛

    praying you guys survive that frigid weather!

    -fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4.5yo boy

  18. Moni Graf says:

    You two crazy little whippersnappers! Get your sweet buns inside!

    Funny little side note…..for my hubby, Billy, it doesn’t matter HOW COLD it is. He wears shorts year around….even in the snow. I guess he has enough fur on his legs to keep ’em warm!

    Love you!

  19. Kaitlyn says:

    It’s pretty darn cold around here– something like -8. I live in Michigan, so it’s not the worst but not the best either.

    P.S. Congratulations on the award! 🙂

  20. jenn says:

    it is 15 degrees right now in st louis. this morning it was zero! without the wind chill! my mom and sister both live in FL and i laugh at them when they talk about LOWs in the 20’s….when we cant make it out of the TEENS for a hight! i tell them then have turned into panseys since they moved!!!;-)

  21. Jac Tubre says:

    Jen you are just the cutest thing I think I have ever seen! I love the failed experiment 🙂 I can’t believe how cold it is there. It is getting in the upper 20’s here tonight and we are freaking out…a pack of “pantywaists” indeed!

    Love from the Louisiana Swamp,

  22. It has been cold here in Texas, a whopping 31 degrees this morning. We are wimps down here for sure.

  23. BreezieGirl says:

    Here in SUNNY San Diego, it’s been record highs most of the week. I’m not sure what today was, but we’ve had high 70s and low 80s during the day.

    I’ll gladly send you 20 degrees or so.

  24. You guys need to come over to Germany. We had for over a week temps around -20.7 F (-29.3 C). It was the strongest winter since 1979. I sure miss the FL weather 🙁
    A *lurker* from Germany

    Jutta, Solingen, Germany
    former Coconut Creek, FL resident

  25. Gayle says:

    (I had to laugh at Haley…their kids don’t go out to recess at 31 degrees! Our kids go out until minus 20!). It’s currently 44 degrees at my home. That’s up from -45 degrees a couple days ago. Good ole Chinook wind. No worries though. We’ll be back down to -10 to -20 by Tuesday. Gotta love the extremes in Alaska…90 degree weather changes?!!

  26. I think it’s supposed to be boiling hot water that you throw….

    It’s -36 in Chicagoland….

  27. Key West Conch says:

    It is 60 here, and I’m wrapped up in flannel pj’s and since it’s Saturday I may stay attired in this fashion for a while. At least the sun’s out! Brrrrr….

  28. JulieM says:

    We have been freezing our buns here all week. I used to live in AZ and remember when we thought 30-40 was cold. We are now in SD and on wed it was -26 actual temp and -36 wind chill. Absolutely crazy. My kids didn’t really understand why it was too cold to go outside. It has been below zero all week. I am ready for SPRING and it’s only Jan – ugh!!!!

  29. Kalle says:

    Here in Canada -10 is like spring. We just finished a 26 day streak of -25 celcius as our warmest part of the day. WE also had a good long week of -38, well -49 if you count the windchill. What’s even crazier about it is that I saw people out on those days with out hats or mitts. Crazy! It’s finally warming up here (probably just a teaser) so we’re getting out as much as we can.

    Stay Warm!

  30. Brittany says:

    THAT was funny! It was -17 here yesterday morning (the day you shot the video) The wind chill was -36!

  31. Laura says:

    Now that is some cold weather. I think if you threw me in the air I would freeze, if that helps. Ha ha. I would not be going outside AT ALL!

  32. clarkie300 says:

    Too cold here in Ontario Canada for the kids to have recess all week!
    -20s Celcius!
    Please warm up soon!!

  33. PletcherFamily says:

    This is our first winter living in the north in 8 years. My kids have never experienced cold like this. They had quite surprised looks on their faces yesterday when it was minus 13!! I will be looking forward to it being in the 30s again – ha!

  34. Anonymous says:

    A record was just set where i live in NY at -20.

  35. Do you really want to hear that my boys were wearing shorts and Tee’s yesterday at a lovely 78 degrees in San Diego?? Probably not ;0).

    Your Dad would call me the biggest panty waist by far because, I whine like crazy once the degrees fall under 60…the spoiled life of a Cali girl.

    xoxo, Veronica in CA

  36. Leslie says:

    I could not imagine living someplace that cold! I’m from Texas and the high here will be 60 degrees. Cold for us is when the lows get in the 30s! Stay warm! (I can’t imagine your heating bill)

  37. rebecca says:

    You guys are so funny! Thanks for the laugh! We are having a “warm-up” here in New Jersey. It is about 22 degrees compared to the freezing temperature of 18 degrees yesterday. LOL! 🙂

  38. Mjay says:

    Oh gees! these figures are real scary. I’m in Dallas Texas and we are in the 60’s right now.
    I’m grateful and hoping it warms up soon, thinking about you all.

  39. Crosno says:

    I think it was somewhere around 75 here today in Phoenix. I will send some heat your way.

  40. Kate says:

    We had -20 yesterday. Schools closed. And my mom called from Florida to tell me about how cold it is there!!!

  41. It was -42F when I woke up yesterday morning.

    When it gets -10F or colder go outside and try blowing bubbles. They will freeze in mid air and when you pop them they will shatter into a million little crystals. Its awesome.

  42. Kami Lambe says:

    I thought about you today when I got out of the swimming pool here in sunny Arizona! Gotta get that hydrotherapy in!

  43. Jen & Brad – The experiment would have been cooler if it worked, but it wouldn't have been nearly as funny!

    We're originally from ND, so we feel like wimps when we complain that this is cold…but it is!


  44. Denver is just flat out disappointing! It’s 60 here today.

  45. LOL! OHHH MURRRR! It’s was 70 degree here today!!!

    I love you!

  46. Stacey says:

    Jen yep a bit cold here to..Sunday in the bottom of good old Indiana I think it was mid thirties, up from 7 Friday morning. Stay warm!

  47. Rachel says:

    Greetings from Bahrain (Middle East)! I guess I’m one of the “panty waists.” Lately at night the temperature has been dropping to around 57F. Of course we think anything less than 70F is cold! (and no central heating either–we use sweaters, blankets, and space heaters) But then temperatures can get up to 130F in the summer….

  48. Anonymous says:

    haha LOVED the experiment… haha still laughing!!! good one guys!! -sioby

  49. Quad Squad! says:

    We may not be sub-zero, but here in Knoxville it did get down to 2 degrees the other couple night. That’s pretty darn cold no matter where you live!

  50. Mandy Boyles says:

    Congrats on the award. We are in NE Minnesota. It was REALLLLLY cold up here, too. Check out this video shot by a guy my hubby works with!! The water needs to be at least lukewarm and Ithink temp below -20? I think he says it’s -25 in the video, and it’s hot tap water.

  51. Anonymous says:

    I’m a long time lurker who grew up in Fairbanks, AK. -60 was always the magic number to successfully perform the water trick (with warm water). Its entirely possible that it works in warmer temps. My mother might have been slyer than we appreciated to avoid the tossing of large quantities of water out the front door on a regular basis. At 60 below you can also blow bubbles and watch them break like glass when they hit the ground. Very cool. Stay warm! Hope it doesn’t get cold enough to try the bubble trick.

  52. King Quads says:

    I tried the water thing too and it didn’t work for me either. Mike saw it on the news…so, of course I couldn’t stop thinking about it until I tried it…same thing happend with me that happened with you.

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