Keepin’ It Real Rewinds 09

(For those of you who have just found us, KIRR (Keepin’ It Real Rewinds) is a series of posts that I’ve been flashing back to my days of infertility and an extreme high-risk quadruplet pregnancy.  You can find the whole series of posts by clicking here or by clicking on the tab located on the link menu.)

Moments after finding out there were not one but "three" babies camping out in my belly, Brad and I joined our doctor and several residents in a conference room to discuss the next steps.  I’m sure it was purely just the shock of the moment, but as he was outlining the upcoming risks and precautions of a high-risk pregnancy, I found myself cracking jokes and taking it all in stride.  I remember him telling me that I would probably find myself on strict bed rest in the next few months, and I joked about how there better be some great rentals out to watch. Meanwhile, Brad was questioning whether my small framed 5’2 (on a good day) body would be able to handle a triplet pregnancy.

I can’t remember much about our car ride home.  Nervous chatter, had been replaced by speechless silence, while we both were thinking about the breaking the news to our family and friends. We knew immediately that we needed their prayers to surround us in this journey, so we began the phone calls which lasted well into the night. It was a great distraction to hear other people’s reactions on the other line.  My parents refused to  believe me. No matter how many different ways I tried to explain we were expecting triplets, they thought I was pulling their leg.  Around the 12th try or so, Brad took the phone from me and said, "Ed (my dad’s name), we are SERIOUS!"  Brad’s dad was thrilled and thought triplets would put sliced bread to shame.

As we went through the list of close family, the heaviness of our situation started to hit harder.  It was exhausting and overwhelming to continue to explain the scenario, so I left Brad with the rest of the calls, and curled up on the couch that would become my cocoon for weeks to come.

A few days later, we created this blog to update family and friends (greatly reducing our phone list) with prayer requests and as a way to document our journey. Nervousness, fearfulness, and anxieties were transforming into reserved excitement…

9 thoughts on "Keepin’ It Real Rewinds 09"

  1. Danielle says:

    Thank you for opening up and sharing this with us. Your vulnerability is moving. I’m so glad I started following your journey AFTER I knew every thing turned out alright!

  2. Heather B. says:

    I love your rewinds! They are so interesting to me! I can’t imagine a doctor telling me that I was having triplets let alone quads! God is good!

  3. I LOVE the KIRRs!!! You keep me on the edge of my seat with each one 🙂

  4. Jen Wilson says:

    I love these KIRR posts. Thanks for giving us the from-the-beginning story!

  5. Juliana E. says:

    I sooo remember when my doc told me there were 3 babies. I just laughed and said you are so funny! He then said he was sorry and I told him “oh, no it’s ok – I have a friend who is having triplets!” I don’t know why I thought that would be reassuring to him. When we left is office after all the scary “talk”, I just sat on the curb in the parking lot – numb. My husband just kept saying “it’s going to be ok”.

    Then going home and calling family to tell them – their response were great and etched in my memory forever.

    Thanks for sharing – it brings all those memories back!

  6. Suzanne says:

    and oh, how i am glad you created this blog! or i never would have found you! 😉 hope the boys feel better soon and that you are enjoying that snow in your nice, warm casa!

  7. Jac Tubre says:

    Great KIRR update as usual. Thanks for sharing and putting yourself out there. It takes me back…

    Love ya,

  8. thank you for sharing this with us! i love reading about your journey and always look forward to the ‘rest of the story!’

  9. Quad Squad! says:

    My parents were the same way! Mom kept saying, “No, really, how many are there?” Four, Mom. “No, seriously, how many?” FOUR, MOM! “Allison, no, really, how many?” ARGHHHH!!!!

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